February 29, 2012

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss by Maya Banks

Title: Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss
Author: Maya Banks
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: March 2012 
Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley

No Man’s Bargaining Chip

Devon Carter was her first; now newly wed Ashley wants their passion to last. But her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage is another of Daddy’s business deals. Her strategy: act the part of perfect wife and make Devon love her.

But Devon misses the bubbly, no-holds barred woman his wife used to be. Who is this Ashley with the steely demeanour of a society wife? And will he find a way to rekindle the fire in her eyes…especially now that she’s pregnant?

My Thoughts

Ugh, what can I say? 

I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either.

Maya Banks can write so much better than this. 
I really like her KGI and Brazen series.

This...well this was very mediocre, painfully cliched, and just boring.

I never really liked either of the characters, the story was weak, and nothing really happened.

They dated, had sex, got married, got pregnant, separated, He's sorry, She's sorry, HEA, the end!

There was no pop and sizzle, no real moment of connection, and definitely no romance.

It saddens me to give Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss 2 Stars :|



Cover Lovin'

Can I just say, nniiiiccceee..........

Oh yeah, Jason is totally rockin' it out on the cover on his story, Archangels Storm by Nalini Singh due for release September 2012

February 24, 2012

Book Review: Chael's Luck by Mireille Chester

Title: Chael's Luck (A 'Nights of Dorathan' Novel)
Author: Mireille Chester
Release Date: February 22, 2012
Publisher: Mireille Chester
Source: Received from the author for an honest review

When you’re named for the god of bad luck, you’re at least a head shorter than everyone else around you, and your horse is the only black one in a world where every horse is a grey, people are bound to talk. Chael has spent the past eighteen years of his life proving to those around him that he’s worthy of his family name; that he’s meant to be a Shadow Knight. Just when things are finally going his way, Chael’s luck strikes again. Now, Chael is in a race against time to find the one who has taken everything from him and who plans on destroying the one thing he’s worked so hard for, the knighthood. As if this weren’t enough, he’ll have to reveal the one thing he’s managed to keep secret for the past eighteen years. With help from some unexpected sources, Chael sets off on a journey that will test his will, his character, and his heart.

My Thoughts  

With her masterful world building and exceptional story telling skills, Mireille Chester has done it once again. A time, a place, and a group of people to fall in love with. And I absolutely have.

Chael's Luck is a story of mystery, love, self discovery and battle; set against a beautifully coloured world of magic, mayhem, and strong friendships.

Mireille's characters are strong, independent, and loyal. And they feel like my best friends. So much so, that finishing this book and saying goodbye (for now) leaves me a little bereft.

Another delight to savour from the talented Mireille Chester, I cant wait to read more from 'The Knights of Dorathan'.
A 5 Star read ~<;]


* Buy Chael's Luck here (smashwords) or here (Amazon)
* On Twitter
* At her website 
* Goodreads profile
Mireille's Books on Facebook

February 23, 2012

Book Review: Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin

Title: Vengeance Born (The Light Blade #1)
Author: Kylie Griffin
Release Date: February 7th 2012 
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Source: Purchased for my own reading pleasure

There is no mercy in the demon realm. No escape. In this place of desperation and conflict, anyone who is not pure bred is virtually powerless. Until an unlikely champion is born...

Annika, half-blood daughter of the Na'Reish King, longs for more than her tormented life among her father's people. Conceived in hatred and bred as a tool of retribution, she's gifted with a special talent that can heal as well as destroy...

With the Na'Reish vastly outnumbering them, Kalan, a Light Blade warrior, knows the future of humankind depends on him alone. Incursions into human territory and raids for blood-slaves by the Na'Reish Horde have increased. As Chosen-leader, he faces the task of stopping the demons-and convincing the Council of aging Light Blade warriors that change is necessary for survival.

When Annika learns Kalan is a prisoner in her father's dungeon, her dream of escape seems within reach. She agrees to free him in exchange for his protection once they reach human territory. Now, marked for death for helping him, Annika must learn to trust Kalan as they face not only the perilous journey to the border but enemies within the Council-and discover a shocking truth that could throw the human race into civil war...

My Thoughts 

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the absolutely gorgeous cover art *takes a moment to admire*
As I have stated in the past, I am a total cover whore and will buy books based on the covers alone! Shallow perhaps but I am who I am!

However, after following the authors blog and getting caught up in all the snippets and insights into this story, I was gagging to get my hands on it. (made worst by the fact that delivery from TBD was excruciatingly slow!)

Once it finally arrived I went into book hibernation and didn't come out again until I was finished.

Vengeance Born did not disappoint.
Vengeance Born was everything I was expecting and more.
Vengeance Born is a keeper!

Vengeance Born is a fantasy romance wrapped in mystery, intrigue, conflict between races, and mystical powers. 
Oh and hot, sexy (and naked) Kalan. Annika is pretty awesome too (hello the cover) but I'm concentrating on my Kalan crush!

The creative world building and attention to detail that has been put into this story is extensive and made it a pleasure to read. 

The writing is smooth, the relationships between characters is real and unforced and well worth the 5 hour non stop read.  

Not only will Vengeance Born be sitting on my keeper shelf but author Kylie Griffin will be added to my list of favourites along side the likes of Nalini Singh and Jeaniene Frost.
A 5 Star read ~<;]


Author's website
Facebook profile 
At her blog 
On Goodreads 

February 21, 2012

I Have WINNERS for Blood Magic by Zoey Sweete and Luna Sweete

Thanks to everyone who entered...         

The winner of a print copy of Blood Magic is...Foxygirl

The winner of the ecopy of Blood Magic is...Koll

Congrats Foxygirl and Koll, I'll be emailing you shortly with details. 
And a HUGE thank you to both Zoey and Luna Sweete for making it all possible <3

February 14, 2012

Book Review: Mungai and the Goa Constrictor by A.E.Curzon

Title: Mungai and the Goa Constrictor
Author: A.E.Curzon 
Release Date: August 11th 2011 
Source: Received from the author for an honest review

Wouldn’t it be great to have everything you want, but without lifting a single finger or a claw.

Mungai, a jungle creature of indeterminate origin, thinks it would, and goes all out to get it... Regardless of the consequences.

Mungai’s master plan is to find ways of passing through life without too much cost to himself and as little effort as possible, and at the expense of others that are not as strong minded or as clever as he is.

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor is humorous tale of greed, consumerism and the environment... and fermented apple juice.

My Thoughts

This book is aimed predominantly at children and so its not something I would normally read or review.
However, I have to say that I loved it and can not fault the story or the writing at all.

Not since reading Animal Farm as part of my year 7 English class can I recall reading anything from the point of view of animals living in a human like society. 
And just like with that book, Mungai and the Goa Constrictor takes you on a journey of intrigue and quite self discovery. To a world that, were it not for the fact that the characters are jungle animals, it could be set in any school, town, business, or city near you.  
Where the top dog is always looking for ways to be bigger and better with less effort, by taking more from the less worldly and more gullible underdog.

With great dastardly characters and lovable up risers, and set amongst the glorious, if disappearing backdrop of an undisclosed jungle, Mungai and the Goa Constrictor is a cautionary tale and a must read book for all.

An engaging and subliminally educational 5 Star read.
About the Author 

Having spent most of her life between the Mediterranean, the United States of America and South Africa, Amelia Curzon came to settle permanently in the United Kingdom. 
Amelia is the mother of two grown children. 
Her interests are horses and all other animals and writing, writing, writing.... 
Amelia’s greatest interest, however, is the potential destruction of the environment and the shaky future we are providing for so many species. 
‘Mungai’ is Amelia’s first published work, and it is hoped many more will follow.

Author facebook page
Mungai and the Goa Constrictor facebook page

February 2, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Blood Magic by Zoey Sweete and Luna Sweete

Title: Blood Magic (The Draven Witch Series Book 1)
Author: Zoey Sweete and Luna Sweete
Publisher: Mystic Press 
Release Date: January 18th 2012 (first published October 15th 2011)
Source: Received from the author for an honest review

Half vampire and half witch, whose powers stem from an age old bloodline, Renee Draven is hell bent on destroying the evil that has terrorized her lineage and take back the power that was stolen long ago. As foretold by prophecy, Renee prepares to battle Damaskeos, the evil one that has stolen the lives of her ancestors for centuries and taken their power for his own. She must learn to use her power to protect herself while being haunted by visions of the past. Racing against time Renee must find Dante Angelo, the one who is to awaken her vampire side and give her the strength to defeat Damaskeos. As she embarks on her dark journey into a world of demons, vampires, werewolves, and those who hunt them, Renee stumbles across William Angelo, the lost soul she was said to bring home and save. Struggling to stay alive, she is torn between her duties and wanting a normal life. Renee must search for the power within herself to save the lives of those she loves and trust the magic that flows through her blood. Blood Magic takes you on a mystical ride into alternate dimensions and the world of the Draven witches with the supernatural creatures that have sworn to protect them and die for them.

My Thoughts:

Blood Magic is an interesting, action packed story that is fast paced excitement and adventure from start to finish.
It is a story of personal discovery, first time love, and imminent doom. 

Full of all my favourite supernatural elements like witches, vamps and were’s; Blood Magic has something for everyone.

The main character Renee has a lot going on in her life. 
She’s about to turn 21, she’s never been so much as kissed and the fate of the entire world weighs heavily on her shoulders.
Renee really comes into herself. 
She discovers her sexuality, meeting more than one hot guy to spark her interest. And with plenty of hunky trainers at the ready she excels in fighting, and with an added kick from her magic, becomes a force to be reckoned with.
I really enjoyed this story. 
It was full of sexy supe’s, witty retort and a kiss arse heroine.
For first time author's, Zoey and Luna Sweete have done an excellent job of melding their individual voices into a coherent and unique writing style that I'm sure will continue to excite me as The Draven Witch Series progresses.

Blood Magic is a must read for all fans of supernatural romance, and definitely a great place to start if this genre is new to you.

I can’t wait for the next instalment to see what’s in store for Renee and her merry band of gorgeous men! 

A fantastic 4 Star read :]


Thanks to the lovely authors who have very kindly offered up a kindle copy of Blood Magic to an international winner and a print copy of Blood Magic to a US winner!!! 

To enter, leave a comment on this blogpost (tell me whether you are entering for the US or International prize) with a valid email address and you're in the draw, easy :) 

Winner's will be drawn at random and given 72 hrs to respond with their address details, or else another winner will be chosen.


Facebook pages for authors Zoey Sweete and Luna Sweete
Author blog
Facebook pages for Blood Magic Book 1 and Book 2
Facebook page Draven Dynasty
Blood Magic on Goodreads
Publishers facebook page 

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