September 30, 2013

Book Blast with Giveaway ~ Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett

Title: Eternal Starling (Emblem of Eternity #1)
Author: Angela Corbett
Release Date: December 6th 2011
Publisher: Pendrell Publishing

A love so strong, even eternity can’t separate them. Evie Starling has lived a relatively uneventful life hanging out with friends, gossiping about boys, and driving her 1966 Mustang.

All of that changes when she moves to Gunnison, Colorado, to start college and meets two mysterious men. For centuries, Alex Night and Emil Stone have yearned for Evie but they each have their own reasons for wanting to be with her. When both men claim to be her soul mate and tell her about an unbelievable past, Evie learns that she s not the person she thought she was. Soon, Evie finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between the Amaranthine Society the soul protectors, and the Daevos Resistance the soul destroyers. With a past she doesn't understand, and a future rife with danger, Evie has to decide who she can trust. But Alex and Emil aren't the only ones who want Evie, and her soul is about to become the rope in an eternal tug-of-war.

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About the author
As a child, Angela Corbett’s most prized possession was a set of read-along books. She used to follow along with the narrator on the stereo and dream of when she would be able to read by herself. Her childhood reading habit led her to consider her future career. However, after consulting with her parents, she realized she had already exceeded hobbit height and since fairies and dragonslayers were tricky jobs to get, she decided she wanted to create worlds of her own. She started writing poetry in elementary school and worked as a journalist in high school and college, but could never leave her love for writing fiction behind.

She is a graduate of Westminster College where she double majored in communication and sociology. She has worked as a journalist, freelance writer, and director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and escaping in a good book. She lives in Utah with her incredibly supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber’s.

Eternal Starling is her debut novel and the first book in the Emblem of Eternity trilogy.

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September 27, 2013

Spotlight Post ~ When Light Fades

When Light Fades

From the Authors: A.J. Stewart, Cindy Franks White, Zoey Sweete, Jennifer Oneal Gunn, Ronald Edward Griffin, S.L. Dearing, M.K. Hensley and Jewels Moss
Release Date:
September 15th 2013
Publisher: Phoenix Fire Publishing

Dive into a dark paranormal collection of short stories and poetry with a twist of horror. When Light Fades will play on your inner fears, and bring to life the things that go bump in the night. This collection of writing is filled with revenge, disaster at its best, and a hint of sick madness. Be prepared to enter the world of the wicked, where the darkest creatures tell their stories and the insane rule and sanity has been lost forever.

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 A.J. Stewart      Cindy Franks White      Zoey Sweete      

September 25, 2013

Cover Reveal and Giveaway ~ Your Darkness by M.K.Hensley

'Your Darkness' is a collection of poetry that will tug at the heart and then empower. It is filled with poems that take you on a journey through heart ache and pain then lead into finding one's own strength within.

An author's view:

 "The measure of poetry is its ability to evoke emotion. Herein is a roller coaster ride. It jerks you back and forth through dark, twisting tunnels of entrapment. It drags you to dizzying heights of hope and then sends you plunging pell-mell into depths of despair before slowing along the gentler ups and downs of uncertainty and self-doubt that eventually lead back into the light.  Those who have never suffered through the darkness of such a relationship will ponder. Those who have been there will relive it and understand. Thank you, M.K. Hensley, for sharing the ride."    ~Author John Hundley

Note from the author:

I never knew writing these would help me let go and truly move forward. Had I known, I would have written them long before now. I have learned that keeping things locked inside only hurts you. Let it out. Tell someone. If not, nothing will change. I also learned that you have to let people in, even when you are scared. You might just end up surprised. I hope my words can help someone else find their strength to get thru their own struggles.

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Promo Post: Watching Her by Scarlett Metal

Title: Watching Her (Watching Her Series)
Author: Scarlett Metal
Release Date:
August 14, 2013
Nevermore Press
Lizzie always played it safe in life with her job in corporate accounting and her boring boyfriends. Frustrated one night while working late at the coffee shop, she meets Brett. He's different than any guys she's ever dated and on a whim, she agrees to go out with him. Brett has a kink he later reveals to Lizzie that helps her become the woman she was always meant to be.

Contains strong language and sexual situations. Intended for adults over 18.

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Amazon US

Excerpt #1
I seriously can’t believe he did this to me again. I settled into my booth at Starbucks with mocha, my laptop, and my bag from work. Once again, my boss Dave had given me some reports to do at the last minute. And he needed them by tomorrow - at like 8:00 a.m. At least I could get out of the office and do the work here.
As I was shuffling through my papers, I noticed him walk in. He was probably close to a foot taller than me with broad shoulders, wearing a black leather jacket and snug jeans.
He glanced over at me and smiled. My stomach did a flip-flop. He had gorgeous brown hair, cut short, but long enough to run my fingers through. Why am I thinking that? His chocolate brown eyes sparkled when he smiled. I gave him a nervous smile in return, turning my attention back to my work.
I stole glances at him as he stood in line for his drink. My gaze traveled down his back, and I couldn’t help but notice the way his jeans fit his body. He turned around, finding me watching him. My cheeks were warm, filled with embarrassment as he walked over to me. Shit! He was going to sit next to me!
“Hi there.” His voice was a deep baritone, sending shivers down my spine.  I was suddenly sorry that I wasn’t wearing something sexier than my jeans and sweatshirt.
“Working?” He nodded to the papers and laptop in front of me.
I rolled my eyes. “Yes, unfortunately.”
“What do you do?” He took off his jacket, and I was almost breathless at the sight of his arms in his short-sleeved t-shirt. Not only was he ripped, he was covered in sexy tattoos that disappeared under his shirt sleeves. I was guessing they were some sort of tribal symbols, but I knew nothing about tattoos.  I had a serious phobia of needles.
“I’m a corporate accountant.” Man, did that sound boring when I actually said it out loud.
Grinning, he said, “Sounds exciting.”
I smirked. “It’s so not. My boss is sort of a jerk too. He’s the CFO and he dumps a lot of work on me, hence why I’m working here late at night.”
“Well, that’s a bummer. You shouldn’t let him take advantage of you,” he murmured, leaning forward towards me.
My heart started pounding, and my mouth went dry. He smelled amazing - clean with just a hint of soap and that woodsy, masculine smell. “I know....I just...” I stammered.
Why did I let him take advantage of me?
“Can’t say no?” he finished for me with a slight smile on his lips. Oh those sexy lips. Suddenly all I could think about was kissing them.
I let out my breath, trying to shake the cobwebs from my brain. This was not like me. Guys never had this effect on me. “I guess not. It’s not as if I had anything else exciting planned anyway.”
“No? A pretty girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend to keep her busy?”
 Oh my god, he called me pretty! I shook my head. “Nope. Work keeps me busy. I don’t have much time for anything else. I haven’t really had much luck in the men department lately either.” Did I just say that? Why was I being so open with him?
“I bet. Hmmm...Sounds like maybe you’re going out with the wrong kind of guys. Maybe you need to change that.”

Excerpt #2
Four orgasms and a second shower later, we were sitting in my living room eating a pizza. We had worked up quite an appetite tonight. He leaned back casually in his boxers while I sat with my feet tucked under me, wearing his favorite faded Green Bay Packer t-shirt.
“Tonight was amazing, baby.” I smiled almost shyly at him as I took a drink of my water.
He gave me a wicked grin. “Damn straight it was!”
I felt my cheeks get warm. “You enjoyed watching me with that girl, didn’t you?”
“Fuckin’A I did. Hottest thing I have ever seen.” He set his plate down. “Babe, remember that time that I mentioned me watching you with another guy?”
I swallowed my pizza and nodded. “I do. Why?”
He pulled me close. “Well, I’ve been thinking about it and watching you tonight makes me realize how much I want that. I love to watch your pleasure. And I love to watch you come.”
I squeezed my thighs together at his words. “Wouldn’t you get jealous?”
He ran a hand through his hair. “I’ve given it a lot of thought. If I controlled the situation - picked someone for you and was there, I don’t think I would. Would it bother you to have another man touch you?”
I thought for a second. I wasn’t sure. He got me so hot I hadn’t even thought about another man’s hands on me in months. “I don’t know. If you were there with me, with someone you had picked for me, I don’t think so.”
“Well, what if I told you that I knew someone interested?”
I pulled away a little and looked at him. “What?”
“Remember when we ran into that buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago? And we hung out for a bit? Sebastian?”
I moved away from him as I thought about it. I remembered his long, jet black hair he kept tied back and his baby blue eyes that looked at me as if he was undressing me with them. I had even mentioned to Jillian that if I wasn’t taken, I would so hit that.
“Yes, I remember him,” I stammered, my cheeks warm.
“What? Did he hit on you?” He grabbed my arm.
I shook my head. “No, not at all. I just remember him. And he’s hot,” I whispered with a smile.
He grinned back at me and pulled me onto his lap. “I’m glad you think so.” He reached between my legs, exploring my damp folds. “Does that mean you agree?”
I let out a sigh as he moved his lips down my neck and he slid a finger inside me. “Mmm...Let me think about it.”
He pulled my t-shirt off and drew one of my nipples into his mouth. I ground myself on his finger as he sucked the tight flesh. He pulled away from me, and I let out a moan of frustration.
“Ok, baby.” He moved his lips back up my neck. “Just think about it.”
I gasped, and he slid another finger inside me. To be honest, the thought of him watching me fuck his friend Sebastian turned me on like crazy. I threaded his hair through my fingers. “Baby, please fuck me again.”
He groaned and pulled down his boxers. He put his hands on my hips and moved me so that he could impale me on his cock. “With pleasure, baby.”

Excerpt #3
“We don’t have to if you don’t want to, Gorgeous,” Brett said as we lay in bed after yet another night of fabulous sex. I reached up to grab his hand on his arm that was around my shoulders. I loved the way my tiny hand fit so perfectly in his.
“But I do want to,” I said, hooking my leg over his as I nestled up against him. Brett wanted to take me to a swingers club. We’d talked about it for a few weeks now and while I was no longer the sexually sheltered girl I’d been when he met me, this exploration was new to me. He was good at talking to me about it all though--asking me what I wanted, what my fantasies were. He made me feel comfortable enough to share anything with him.
He’d brought up going the swingers club when recently I’d told him I’d thought about being with a girl while he watched. After he watched me have sex with his friend Sebastian, I thought this was something else hot we could try. I’d never done it before and the idea of doing it while Brett was there made me hot. His kink to watch me was quickly complimented by my newly found kink to be watched. He was on board with me being with another girl; he’d watched me with his best friend for God’s sake. The night I told him about this fantasy, he’d fucked me hard and made me come so many times, I had to finally beg him to stop. Of course then he just fucked me more.
He never made me do anything I wasn’t ready for or didn’t want to do, but since I confessed this, he mentioned going to this swingers club he was a member of more than once. He hadn’t been there since we started dating, but said it would be a good place to safely find what I might be looking for.
I ran my hand down his smooth chest, admiring the tattoos that covered his body. My hand stopped at his nipple, teasing the ring that hung there. I loved his nipple rings, especially flicking them with my tongue. Doing that to him long enough usually drove him to attack me, which was what I was wanted.
He groaned and clutched my hand. “Mmm, ready for more, huh?” he asked with a sly grin.
I was always ready for round two - or three, or more even – with Brett. He’d awakened a sexual hunger in me I had no idea existed. He joked about being my sexual ‘liberator’. 

Author Bio

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her sexy husband, two girls, and three furbabies. She dabbled in writing right after college but it wasn’t until she took up blogging eight years ago that she started writing seriously. After writing a few boring service pieces for some online publications, she went back to her true passion, ficion. When she’s not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80’s hair bands.


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