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Last Updated October 20th 2014


Kaay, Rob - Silverbirch
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Knight
Kagawa , Julie – The Lost Prince
Kagawa, Julie – The Immortal Rules
Kagawa, Julie (and other various authors) – ‘Till The World Ends
Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Born of Shadows
Kenyon, Toni – Catch
Kenyon, Toni – The Fan
Kenyon, Toni – Private Love in a Public Place
Ketner, Abi & Melissa Kalicicki - Branded

King, Natalie - Awakening
King, Penelope – A Demon Made Me Do It
King, Penelope – Fire With Fire
Kinrade, Kimberly – The Three Lost Kids


LaFevers, Robin – Grave Mercy
Landers, Melissa – Alienated
Launier, Veronique – Redemption
Laurence, Theo – Mystic City
Levithan, David – Every Day
Lewis, J.T – The “Ghost” Murderers
Lim, Rebecca - Mercy
Lorne, Daniel de - Beckoning Blood


MacLeod, Janice - Paris Letters
Maclean, Chris – Stag Spooner
MaGuire, Meg – Making Him Sweat
Mallory, Margaret – The Guardian
Marie, Bernadette – The Executives Decision
Marsh, Anne – Slow Burn
McGarry, Katie – Pushing the Limits (Bk #1)
McGarry, Katie – Dare You To (Bk #2)
McGuire, Jamie - Beautiful Disaster
Mewburn, Kyle – Bog Frog Hop
Miranda, Meg - Hysteria
Mitchell, Angela – The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble
Morgan, Teresa – Cinderella and the Sheikh
Mullany, Janet – Tell Me More
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert – Wisdom’s Kiss


Nelson, Eri – The Call From Within
Nelson, Eri – Double Call From Desire
North, Nicole – Laird of Darkness



Paley-Phillips, Giles – The Fearsome Beastie
Palmer, Pamela – Ecstasy Untamed
Paquette, Ammi-Joan – The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies
Pattrick, Jenny - Heartland

Paver, Michelle – Gods and Warriors
Pearl, Melissa – Golden Blood (Bk #1)
Pearl, Melissa – Black Blood (Bk #2)
Pearl, Melissa – Pure Blood (Bk #3)
Pearl, Melissa – Betwixt
Pearl, Melissa – Unknown
Pearl, Melissa – The Betwixt Omnibus
Pearl, Melissa & Brenda Howson – Forbidden Territory

Pearl, Melissa - True Colors

Pearl, Melissa - Fever

Penquin, Ivy – Grandma Bendy
Percy, Benjamin – Red Moon
Peters, Heather – With a Twist
Pike, Aprilynne – Wild
Price, Aneesa – The Coffin Girls
Purdy, Alexia – Interim Blue



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