August 30, 2011

Book Review: Feast by Merrie Destefano

Title: Feast (Harvest of Dreams #1)
Author: Merrie Destefano
Release Date: June 28th 2011
Publisher: Harper Voyager 
Source: Won an autographed copy from the author

Madeline MacFadden ("Mad Mac" to fans of her bestselling magical stories) spent blissful childhood summers in Ticonderoga Falls. And this is where she wants to be now that her adult life is falling apart. The dense surrounding forest holds many memories, some joyous, some tantalizingly only half-remembered. And she's always believed there was something living in these wooded hills.

But Maddie doesn't remember the dark parts -- and knows nothing of the mountain legend that holds the area's terrified residents captive. She has no recollection of Ash, the strange and magnificent creature who once saved her life as a child, even though it is the destiny of his kind to prey upon humanity. And soon it will be the Harvest. . . the time to feast.

Once again Maddie's dreams -- and her soul -- are in grave danger. But magic runs deep during Harvest. Even a spinner of enchanted tales has wondrous powers of her own

My Thoughts

This book was on my wishlist for a long time and although I was able to get access to a copy via NetGalley I waited for the autographed copy that I won to arrive instead.

I finally managed to read it this week after having a catch up on some other reading commitments. 
And it was so worth the wait.

I LOVED this book.

This story used a cornucopia of elements including dark traditional folk tales, good old scary campfire stories, urban legend, fairytale, and a little subtle romance.
It very much reminded me of what I would call traditional paranormal suspense not unlike classics such as Pet Cemetery and It by Stephen King.

Although so many different P.O.V would normally do my head in, Ms Destefano has written it in such a way that I was eager to read the differing sides of the story rather than lamenting it.
I really wanted to climb into the book with Madeline and Ash, Elspeth and Jake. And Tucker and Samwise will just melt your heart. I cant wait to read more of this series.
Expertly written, interesting characters, mysterious Dark-lings, Feast is a must read for everyone. 
5 Stars ~<;]

August 25, 2011

Book Review: Spirit Seeker by Jamie Haden

Title: Spirit Seeker (Book One of The Talisa Santiago Series) 
Author: Jamie Haden
Release Date: August 26th 2011 
Publisher: Pill Hill Press
Source: Provided by the author for an honest review

Life is strange and difficult for the granddaughter of a shaman.
Sixteen-year-old Talisa Santiago was born in the desert underneath the full moon in January—the wolf moon. However, she left the desert with her mother when she was a young girl. She remembers bits and pieces of her past but it isn’t until she and her mom move to a remote barrier island off the coast of North Carolina that she feels fate has finally called—secretive and mysterious he stands alone on the edge of the bank. Her friends tell her to stay away; she hears rumors that he is dangerous. Still, she can’t resist. Whether Talisa realizes it or not, she knows a thing or two about boys like Jag Chavez. Fate is funny that way.
For the first time in her life, Talisa meets kids just like her—Native Americans who know the way of the spirit. The closer she gets to Jag, the more she realizes he is hiding a dark secret. He may have the markings of the Thunderbird, but he is named for the powerful Jaguar. Together they embark on a journey that will haunt her forever.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book.
The author has interwoven her main characters story with flashbacks and traditional Native American myths/stories, resulting in a cleverly written and thoroughly entertaining read. 

For the most part I really liked Talisha, she's never really fit in anywhere and wants nothing more than to be liked and accepted. 
My only complaint would be her whining. 
I really hate when an otherwise strong willed female lead starts to whinge and whine once she meets a boy.
I know girls tend to get self doubting and insecure when they are first in a relationship but I don't think that Talisha needed to be quite so needy. 
However, its more of a pet peeve than an actual criticism of the writing. 

I really liked the secondary characters and hope that they play more of a role in the next book 'ILLUMINATE-ALIVE, SHE CRIED' especially Dakota. 
I have a feeling he may stir things up quite nicely.

Overall, a very intriguing and interesting read worthy of 4 Stars ;]

Spirit Seeker (Book One of the Talisa Santiago Series)

August 24, 2011

Book Review: Jewels by Lakisha Spletzer

Title: Jewels
Author: Lakisha Spletzer
Released: February 18th 2010
Publisher: Createspace
Source: Provided by the author for an honest review

Special Lieutenant Jewels Enbran, a human telepath unable to shield her mind from thoughts, uses telepathic anchors who protect her vulnerable mind. Her current anchor, Colonel Jeremy Lingley, is nearing burnout. An alien race is seeking an alliance with Earth and the pair are assigned the mission of discovering the aliens' secrets.

Crown Prince Dex LoudRoar is a Gatoan warrior and a royal with a terrible secret. His people wage a constant war against their enemy, the Lupinious empire. But the tide of battle is turning and his people seek help from a new source: the humans of Earth.


With an interstellar war looming, Jewels and Dex seek salvation for their planets and find their destinies changed forever

My Thoughts

So intergalactic intrigue and invading Aliens is not something I would normally choose to read. 
Sci/fi generally doesn't do it for me.
However I quite enjoyed this story. 
I connected with the characters, the storyline was interesting, I had a healthy dislike for the relevant troublemakers and I was entertained.

I did find the choice of body image for these aliens a little weird, I mean upright standing humanoid Cats and Wolves....O-Kay?!

But like I said, this really isn't my preferred genre to read. 
I'm sure that for the science fiction lovers out there this will be right up their alley.
A really good 3.5 star read all the same :]

August 17, 2011

Book Review: Pleasure Island by Angela Aaron

Title: Pleasure Island
Author: Angela Aaron
Released: March 7th 2011
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing 
Source: Received from the author for an honest review

When Cassie Douglas unknowingly arrives at a sultry tropical island resort where the sole business is to provide the perfect pleasure fantasy, Cassie finds it difficult to overcome her inhibitions and join in the fun.

Ryan MacKenna isn't about to let the feisty red-head disrupt his life or his business. He lives firmly by his set of self-imposed rules which keep business and pleasure very separate. But from the first moment he meets Ms. Douglas, he is in danger of breaking every rule.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novella from author Angela Aaron. It was filled with quick wit and sultry Adonis's.

The MC, Cassie has been through the wringer and is in dire need of a vacation. Luckily for her she has a good friend who frequents this Island paradise and sets her up to receive a proper 'pampering' from the spa's 'attendants'!!

Initially set against the offers of company, Cassie loosens up and starts to enjoy herself.  
Enter sexy Ryan MacKenna and que the seduction music, or in this case the thumping, gyrating, I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off type of music!

Quickie excerpt: 'Her gaze paused longer than she intended, briefly yielding to the impulse to examine the perfection of the young Adonis-like beefcakes'
A great quick read, this debut novella will leave you asking whens 'your' next vacation!!!
4 Stars ;]

August 15, 2011

Book Review: Witch Song by Amber Argyle

Title: Witch Song
Author: Amber Argyle
Released: September 1st 2011
Publisher: Rhemalda Publishing
Source: Received from the publisher for an honest review

The world is changing.

For thousands of years, witch song has controlled everything from the winds to the shifting of the seasons. But not anymore. All the Witches are gone, taken captive by the dark Witch, Espen.

As the last echoes of witch song fade, Espen grows stronger as winter and summer come within the space of a day. Now she’s coming for the one she missed—a shy, untrained girl of fifteen named Brusenna.

Somehow, Brusenna has to succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find Espen. Fight her. Defeat her.

Or there won’t be anything left to save.

My Thoughts

I really loved this book.
The story was original and I was absorbed right from the start by the beautifully lyrical writing style. 

Brusenna's gorgeous, awkward, frighteningly gentle and trusting nature tugged at my heartstrings and I found myself immediately drawn into her world. 
I felt her struggle and pain. I understood her feelings of betrayal. And I too was filled with her want to be like everyone else, to just fit in.

Thankfully, her world is in upheaval and full of challenges, and she really comes into her own. 
Her strength, her love, and her loyalty shine through, endearing her to everyone she befriends. 
Joshen, *sigh* is a total sweetie and fierce defender of Senna. He is her new guardian and with the help of her protective dog Bruke, they trail off in search of answers in defeating the wicked witch Espen.
Although I was riveted from the start I was however left feeling a little let down by the last thirty or so pages. 
All the beauty and intricacy of the first 90% seemed to disappear in a race for the finish line. I was left feeling unsatisfied and wanting with the way in which it ended. 4 Stars

August 10, 2011

Book Review: A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) by Penelope King

Title: A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1)
Author: Penelope King
Released: June 15th 2011 
Publisher: Ascension Press
Source: Received from the author for an honest review.

Some girls share clothes, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Seventeen-year-old Liora Greyson has to share, too. Only she shares her body--with a demon.

Liora just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact. But the walls she’s carefully constructed to keep people away crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron, and he lights her world on fire. She can’t let him know she transforms into Justice demon named Lucky at nightfall—a demon with an entirely separate personality who passes out Torment, Justice, and Revenge like Halloween candy.

Turns out Kieron is the one who should be afraid once Lucky discovers his true identity and motivations. Liora wants to love him, but Lucky thinks he’s public enemy number one. And having a demon with a vendetta show up during a romantic date puts a serious crimp in any relationship.

Fighting your demons is one thing. Having one that fights back, messes with your guy, and leaves you with nasty hangovers is quite another.

Being bad has never been so good....

My Thoughts

With so many YA books out there in the same genre its always refreshing and fun to find a story that has a twist unlike any other. 
And I really liked the split personality/joint entity twist in this story.

It was interesting, exciting, witty, and a really fresh take on Demons.
It was nice to see them portrayed as something other than just bad tempered, evil 'things' that need to be destroyed, although that element is in there too.

My only grumble would be that some of the chapters would end and move on to something else before I'd had my fill, leaving me wanting more.

And I do want more, much more!!
I loved Liora/Lucky, and her best friend Bones is so adorable I'm crushing *swoon*

I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in this series to she where all these great characters will go from here. 4 Stars ;]

August 3, 2011

Book Review: Wisdom's Kiss by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Title: Wisdom's Kiss

Author: Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Release Date: September 12, 2011
Source: NetGalley 

Princess Wisdom, known as Dizzy, longs for a life of adventure far beyond the staid old kingdom of Montagne.
Tips, a soldier, longs to keep his true life secret from his family.
Fortitude, an orphaned maid, longs only for Tips.
These three passionate souls might just attain their dreams while preserving Montagne from certain destruction, if only they can tolerate each other long enough to come up with a plan. Tough to save the world when you can't even be in the same room together.

My Thoughts

Oh where to start?
I really did not enjoy this book at all.
No seriously, there is nothing about this book I can talk up.
It was that bad.
How many different points of view are too many?
Three, four, five? Try eight.

Once you take into account the diary entries, the encyclopedia entries, the letters, the play, the main characters, blah, blah, blah.
FAR TOO MANY voices and often overlapping storytelling makes for very confusing and boring reading.
It was a real CHORE to get through and to be honest, I didn't finish it.

I tried, but between the near constant changing P.O.V and the lackluster writing, it was a tough ask.

The cover is nice, but don't bother. 1 star :[

If your still interested:

August 1, 2011

First Monday Of The Month


Where has the time gone? 

Its August people!!

So I would normally be doing a giveaway today but have decided to hold off for now as I'm hoping to put something decent together soon (maybe when I reach 100 GFC followers)

Besides which, I still haven't heard from anonymous @ faerielillies06 (email address) who won last months giveaway and so I will be re-drawing a name later in the week if my emails continue to go unanswered.

My poor bookshelf is straining under the weight of my unread books and sadly I think I really need to do a cull. 
There are a few on there that I don't think I'll ever get around to reading. 
Is it me or are there a lot of great sounding, but crappy to read books out there?? 

My current read is one such book that sounded delightful but is an absolute chore to read. 
I'm practically bored to tears by it and I'm thinking of throwing it on the DNF pile. 
Its a book I'm supposed to be reviewing (heads up-it probably wont be pretty!) and so feel I should give it a chance but its not doing a thing for me and I really dislike the writing style. 

Have you read a book like that lately? 
And if so are you willing to name it?!!
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