August 1, 2011

First Monday Of The Month


Where has the time gone? 

Its August people!!

So I would normally be doing a giveaway today but have decided to hold off for now as I'm hoping to put something decent together soon (maybe when I reach 100 GFC followers)

Besides which, I still haven't heard from anonymous @ faerielillies06 (email address) who won last months giveaway and so I will be re-drawing a name later in the week if my emails continue to go unanswered.

My poor bookshelf is straining under the weight of my unread books and sadly I think I really need to do a cull. 
There are a few on there that I don't think I'll ever get around to reading. 
Is it me or are there a lot of great sounding, but crappy to read books out there?? 

My current read is one such book that sounded delightful but is an absolute chore to read. 
I'm practically bored to tears by it and I'm thinking of throwing it on the DNF pile. 
Its a book I'm supposed to be reviewing (heads up-it probably wont be pretty!) and so feel I should give it a chance but its not doing a thing for me and I really dislike the writing style. 

Have you read a book like that lately? 
And if so are you willing to name it?!!

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