September 12, 2013

Book Review: Liminal by Maree Anderson

Title: Liminal (Liminals, #1)
Author: Maree Anderson
Release Date: July 23rd 2013
Publisher: Self Pubbed
Source: Purchased by me

Now you see me, now you don’t!

My name’s Wren, and I’m a liminal who can phase in and out of the real world.

Sounds like an awesome trick, right? Yeah. Like everything that’s supposed to be cool, it’s complicated. I’m caught between two warring factions who’d kill to get a piece of me. Someone’s blocked my energy flows so if I phase I’ll get trapped in a ghostlike plane called Between…and die. And to top it all off, I’m totally crushing on my only ally, mysterious bad boy Kade. Sad thing is he’s keeping secrets from me, just like everyone else. My life’s spinning out of control. I don’t know who to trust anymore. And what I find lurking Between is the biggest shock of all.

My Thoughts

I read an excerpt of Liminal by Maree Anderson and simply had to buy it - I absolutely loved the premise!

The first 1/3 was really great. There were some absolutely heart breaking moments between Wren and her family. I really felt for her, some of the things that happened were just gut wrenching. The poor girl literally has nowhere to go and no-one to turn to – well no-one that remembers her anyway!

I really like Wren. I think she is a great main character, she had some awful stuff happen which she has to figure out how to deal with but she doesn’t cry about it all the time!

Then she meets Kade. I really fell for Kade.
Sexy leather pants, check!
Sexy motorbike, check!
Sexy sarcastic persona, double check!

Wren and Kade have some great banter, and the tension between them is quite fun to read. They embark on a journey to save Wren and uncover an array of secrets and lies along the way.

There was a little bit of a lull in the middle. I found it rather slow and drawn out and I had to prevent myself from skimming through to the end. But thankfully, the last 1/3 picked up the pace again with more revelations, more secrets, and more awesome Wren and Kade-ness.

But the ending, grrrr, the ending - be prepared for an intense cliff hanger people!!
A really great, and different YA read 4 stars

About the author
Maree Anderson writes paranormal romance, speculative fiction romance, fantasy, and young adult books. She's a Kiwi, a New Zealander, and she's addicted to chocolate -- the darker the better (not to mention coffee, and the occasional glass of excellent NZ wine). She's not quite so addicted to her local gym -- she'd much rather do a karate class or go Ceroc dancing than pound the treadmill. Her multi-award-winning YA novel Freaks of Greenfield High has been optioned for TV by Cream Drama, Inc.


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