August 20, 2014

The week that was...

This weeks the week that was is more like the month that was, I've been caught up with my every day life and have been slacking off in the blogging department!

It really has been all-on just recently and blogging has been pushed to the side while life has simply flown by.

My gorgeous Miss 16 went to her first school ball a couple of weekends ago; and as it was such a major event for her, some of our relatives made the trip up to see her and her boyfriend all decked out, frocked up and looking cute as together!
The cute couple!
By all accounts the ball went off smoothly, she had an awesome time, and we had one of the best weekends with all the family around in quite some time!

With my mum, my in-laws, and nieces deciding to stay for the entire weekend, we loaded up a couple of cars and took a family road trip around the top of the North Island. We took a huge picnic lunch, saw some really beautiful parts of the country and just had a really great time. The whole weekend was brilliant!

One of our sight-seeing stops
And then I caught head cold - which I still have! In fact after a week and a half, can it still be just a head cold? I swear I feel like absolute death, and stringing together a coherent thought at times has been a chore hahaha!! I've been dosing myself up with all the usual remedies, and I'm really hoping for some relief soon!

I had a completely surreal moment last week when I was interviewed by a reporter from one of the national weekend papers for an upcoming feature on paranormal romance. I have no idea as yet when or if my contribution to the conversation will make it to print, but I'll be sure to let you know if it does! Hopefully I don't end up looking like a complete and utter tit!
If I suck, I can laugh at myself!
My gorgeous little man Sirius Black has started chasing my older female cat around and trying to play rough, if-you-know-what-I-mean!!
Yes, he has hit the dreaded horny teenager stage and won't leave my poor girl alone... she'll be alright though as she has a bloody good growl on her and a nasty set of claws!!

My Miss 7 had her first ever, non-family member sleepover this past weekend! It so so cool to see her having fun with her little friend; playing games, drawing pictures, running around, and watching movies in their lounge room hut!
Sleepover fun!

In book news, I haven't really had the time to make much progress with the tbr pile, but I have a couple of books on the go at the moment which desperately need my attention. I only managed to review PYROS by T.G. Ayer this past week and I'm still to write up my review for Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh which I finished reading yesterday.

I have a couple of sign up opportunities open at the moment if anyone wants to join...
A cover reveal event for REQUIEM by T.G. Ayer
A release day event (with HUGE giveaway) for BLOOD & GOLD by T.G. Ayer


A few weeks ago I gave away three metal bookmarks that my Miss 12 had made for me, and this week I'm giving away a thong bookmark that I made!

It has a cute peacock feather at one end and a peacock charm at the other :)

For your chance to win, just fill in the rafflecopter at the bottom of this page!
Open internationally, I will post anywhere!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tane Mahuta

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