March 26, 2015

Random Ramblings

You know, this social media world we live in is a funny old thing.
I'm of an age that I can vividly remember a time when home computers were a new thing (yes, I'm that old!), and look at us now, we all carry one around in our pockets in the form of our smartphones!

I used to send letters to my grandparents in the UK from New Zealand, and literally wait more than a month for a reply, and using a coin operated phone box (if it hadn't been vandalized) if I needed to call someone whilst out of the house was the norm, and I do get it - progress, technological change.

But this latest wave of vlogging has me stumped. My eight year old daughter has a tablet which she uses for homework watching makeup tutorials, playing games and music etc. But there are these completely redundant vlogs she is enamored with... people opening toy packaging, people playing with their babies and/or dogs, talking about their day, the food they ate, generally just going about an average day whilst holding a camera in front of their faces to catch every boringly vital moment. (SMDH) But today I saw on the news a couple of kids aged four and six made US$1.5 million last year just by being toy testers on Youtube - TOY TESTERS FFS!!

How the hell does this happen, and where do I sign up?!!
I've got three kids I can make do something bizarre or ordinary, pimp out into the world wide web of strange and unusual happenings (not!)
I mean I get that the money can be good but WTF are some people thinking? What makes this interesting? I must just be too old to understand (at least that's what my kids tell me!)

No thanks, I'll just stick to my little book blog, talk about my favourite authors, show off their gorgeous covers, and try to run my small on-line business.

But I'm keen to know... do you watch vlogs, and if so leave me a link in the comments section. Maybe I just need to find something or someone that fascinates me enough to join the vlog watching band wagon!

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