January 6, 2016

Cover Reveal ~ The Miami Series by Marie York

The Miami Series
Beaten (Book 1),  Scarred (Book 2), Vindicated (Book 3)
Marie York
Beaten (Book 1) Release Date: January 20th

Mackenzie Greene was running. Running away from her sister, her old life, and everything she left behind in Vegas. She needs a do-over and Miami is her place to start. But how long can she keep her secret? And what will happen when Mila finds out?

Bronx Boston was on top of the world. The youngest undefeated UFC fighter, and with one punch, he lost all the glory. He's moved to Miami to lick his wounds and plot his revenge. Can he ever get back on top? Or will his own demons keep him down?

Two really broken people who meet up by chance. Can they make it work together? Or will their personal issues tear them apart?

About the Author
Marie York is an American writer who works the corporate circuit by day but come nightfall transforms into a steamy writer. She loves the city life and a good cocktail.


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