July 28, 2014

The week that was...

I had a reasonably busy time last week.
Not so much on the reading/blogging front, but most definitely busy on the home front. We had a few things going on with our girls - some of your usual teenage drama, fights, nasty facebook rants and messages, meetings with the teachers... but nothing too major!

Senior ball preparations are well under way. Dress - check, shoes - check, makeup, hair, accessories, organized, sorted, check! Miss 16's boyfriend just hired a suit and he looked pretty spiffy in the photo I saw!

The weekend was full of drop offs, pick ups, grocery shopping, sleep overs, long drives, and movie nights. I even did my good deed for the week and colored an elderly friends hair for her while my hubby changed the oil and filter in their car :)

Last week I took part in some cover reveal posts and release day blitzes, but I also had the chance to interview author Ashley Townsend, you can check that out here if you wish. She was super sweet and I will definitely be adding her soon-to-be-released book 'Chasing Shadows' to my tbr list :)

Speaking of, I need to crack on with my reading, the pile seems to be getting bigger rather than getting smaller - the curse of a book lover!

It will actually be nice to get a sleep in on Monday - oh that's right, I've got the school run... I wonder if I can con the hubby in to doing it, he has the day off!

Wishful thinking!
I have a few cover reveal posts planned for this week - four or five I think -  as well as a couple of blitzes, a few spotlight posts, and I should have three new reviews up too! better pull finger and finish writing those up lol!

The giveaway winners from last week are... all three bloggers that left a comment!! I'll be in contact soon to get postal addresses :)

There will be no giveaway this week, purely because I'm too busy to think of, and to arrange something!!

Hope you all have a great week - happy reading!


  1. i love reading about whats going on. kinda glad im way past the ball years, so stressful lol.

    1. I never went to my own ball Alice, so this is pretty exciting for me too!!
      I got a bit teary just helping Miss 16 get her dress fitted so gawd help me when it's the actual night - cue the tissues I think hahaha!!!


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