July 21, 2014

The week that was... and a giveaway!

So its been commented on that I haven't posted anything personal in recent months. And there has been a reason for that - I've only had doom and gloomy stuff going on in my world and who really wants to read about somebody elses woes - so we'll just avoid the personal stuff for now!

I've been trying to catch up on my reading pile and like everyone, mine is overflowing and threatening to consume me. I also tend to read the newer books first and longingly and guiltily sigh over the ones I keep skipping.

This week I read Mrs D is Going Without by Lotta Dann, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A really honest and insightful look at the usually unseen alcoholic, an everyday mum - look for the upcoming review!

I read four other books this past week, and although I didn't write any reviews to post on the blog, I did leave some brief thoughts on them at Goodreads, which you can check out here if you want...

 I was recently approached about reviewing for Simon & Schuster and I'm over the moon to now be receiving books from them - total buzz! My first couple of books arrived this week; The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss and Being Jade by Kate Belle.

I started reading Being Jade over the weekend and so far, I'm enjoying it a whole lot :)
Sign-ups opened this week for a Review Tour I'm hosting. Simon by V.A. Dold, is a paranormal romance and if you would like to join the tour and review it, we'd love to have you on board. Sign up link here.

Alternatively, you can check out all of the tours currently available to join with Book Chatter Promotions here.

And that's about all there is to report at the moment...

except to say GIVEAWAY TIME!!!
That's right, in celebration of my long awaited return to a more personalized blog post I have a small giveaway to share with you all! I asked my amazingly talented Miss 12 to make these gorgeous metal bookmarks and two winners will win one each (the 1st winner will get the bookmark of their choice and the 2nd will get the other)

So to enter, just leave me a comment
- and be sure to leave your email address -
a comment about absolutely anything! Say hi, ask a question, leave a link to your own blog (I'll pop over and say hi!), anything at all!

Giveaway will end this time next week :)
(Sunday evening NZ time)

(open internationally!)


  1. Hi Cath.. you are amazing the amount of feedback you give to book lovers everywhere.. what an amazing blog you have.. glad you enjoyed my book! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Mrs D :)
      I didn't just enjoy your book, I absolutely LOVED it - so refreshingly honest and gutsy!
      Take care,
      C xox

  2. hey cath, so glad to see you posting again, your daughter has amazing talent, i absolutely LOVE the bookmarks :)
    danielsangel101 @ yahoo dot co dot uk

    1. She's so awesome and is the super crafty one of the three!
      Best of luck in the giveaway Alice,
      C xox

  3. Hi Cath! I feel like I don't post enough personal stuff on my blog either. I do a lot of promos and blog tours, but not a lot of my own voice. I've been working on something, but I just need more time in the day to write. lol I love your blog. If you want to check mine out it's www.paranormaltendencies.com

    1. Hi Mindy, thanks so much for stopping by the blog :)
      It can get so time consuming, I totally feel you wanting more time to write and such - best of luck with whatever it is you've been working on... and best of luck in the giveaway... you didn't leave your email, but I'm sure I can track you down if you win (I don't mean that to sound stalkerish lol!!)
      C xox


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