February 8, 2016

Time Flies When You're Not Looking!

While I sit here writing this I realise it's only the second or third blogpost I've created from absolute scratch and its February already - how on earth did that happen, and where the hell did all my time go?! 

Like most people Christmas and New Year came and went in a flurry of activity, too much food and a seemingly endless stream of visitors, day trips, and laundry - lots and lots of laundry! Which is nothing special or exceptionally hard to deal with, unless you throw in family dynamics, and a couple of mental illnesses to accommodate. Because having a husband who suffers from depression and a daughter with anxiety means often making allowances that you wouldn't normally have to consider when making plans of any kind - even mundane everyday stuff can sometimes pose a problem that requires time and patience to resolve. Which severally cuts into my time to do anything really - let alone read, blog, or have actual human interaction away from the home!

But I'm not complaining, not really. I just need to somehow streamline my time management skills to include a couple hours of me time a day (one can hope anyway!). I have started meditating in the evenings - this is my attempt to try and clear my mind of the useless chatter that doesn't seem to shut off, preventing me from a good nights sleep; and so far it's helping me a little. Although my hubby has noticed an increase in my snoring - but trade offs, right!

And I've fallen in love with adult colouring books, I have a number of differently themed books that I'm slowly making way through.
So books and reading - I haven't done much reading as I stated but I am trying to catch up, I really want to clear the stack of books I have on my bedside table.

To say it's a bit of a mess is an understatement, and don't get me started on the piles of unread books on my bookshelves and on my Kindle!

I'm also slowly dipping my toes back into the promotional side of blogging - I've been contacted by a couple of authors who'd like me to help them with a few projects in the coming months. I really love and miss the close interactions that come with arranging blog tours and other virtual events, but I'll just play it by ear at this stage.

So as far as updates go, that's about it really - now back to some reading (and sigh laundry!)

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