March 6, 2016

When a project takes on a life of its own...

Shortly before Christmas 2015, my hubby and a childhood friend decided to take their shared hobby of truck photography to another level, and produce a photo book for themselves.

The book started off with just 40 photographs and was really just a fun project for themselves. But after sharing what they'd done with like-minded friends on their facebook group, people started wanting copies for themselves... and slowly but surely orders starting rolling in!
After a few redesigns in order to feature more photographs of their friends trucks, the final product ended up at around 120 pages of photos and they had orders for 80 copies! My hubby and his mate couldn't believe it, people wanted copies of their photo book - and a couple of companies have asked for poster sized copies of some of the photo's that featured for their office walls!
The first 40 books arrived from the printer!
So for the last month I've been gathering addresses, packaging books and making trips to my local post office; I'm now keeping an eye on all the tracking numbers, making sure they end up at their destinations!
Childhood friends
The guys have decided to put together a few more books later in the year which means road trips and photo shoots, most of which have been set up and planned for April in New Zealand, and a 10 day road trip/photo shoot planned for Australia in November!

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