September 12, 2016

New Beginnings...

I’m sitting here at my dining table contemplating the whirlwind last few months... if you had told me earlier this year that I’d be living in a new town in my own home, pfft – I’d have said you were crazy, and yet here I am!

My husband and I were only looking at what possibilities were available to us when we came across a cute place that ticked nearly all of our boxes, and in such a fast moving housing market we had to make a split second decision. Happily, things came together fairly easily, although I definitely gained a few more grey hairs from the paperwork alone! But we're now all unpacked and the kids have settled into school really well so it's happy dances all round!

I have a garden!

We've already started to put our personal stamp on things and I have a list as long as my arm of little jobs that need doing just to brighten the place up a bit, and as the previous owner neglected to keep up with general maintenance I have some big jobs to get to also, but you know what - I'm happy to do it because it's my own home!

The only real downside of buying my first home is that I need to get a job - the days of being a stay-at-home mum while hubby goes to work are long gone sadly, and expenses like a new roof are going to set me back more than I can put aside on a weekly basis! I've already had to put in a new stove as the old one was a fire hazard, and I just purchased a new range-hood - although I've yet to book an electrician to put that in... those elusive funds and all! So it's time to dust off the C.V and start looking at job possibilities.

As some of you know I closed up Book Chatter Promotions late last year and the running of My Book Chatter has slowly fallen by the way side also as my family commitments at the time meant my time was needed elsewhere. The last time I read a book was about three weeks ago and I only left a short review on Amazon. The time just seems to slip away on me and if I'm being completely honest, I'm really struggling to find something that holds my attention - even my trusted favorites (authors) no longer hold their same allure.

Hopefully I might be able to get in some reading time in the future but for right now it's all about the house...

Sunset from my yard

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