June 3, 2011

Book Review: Fanfare by Renee Ahdieh

Renee Ahdieh
Source: Received from Revolution Publishing for honest review
Released: May 31 2011

Cris Pereira hates starring in a cautionary tale. Alas, her recent heartbreak relegates her to this unbecoming fate. The only good thing about being dumped a foot from the altar is the newest layer to her punchy sarcasm. All she wants is a do-over, but this is not your average fairy tale, and wishes don't come true in the real world.

One Sunday afternoon, she meets a movie star. Tom Abramson is intelligent, charming, and impetuous. In other words, he plays the role a bit too well. She isn't falling for it. She knows better. All British men are not descendants of Fitzwilliam Darcy, and movie stars are genetic mutations gone awry: X-Men with statistical disadvantages and emotional handicaps. Keep your knight in shining armor. A modern girl can rescue herself, thank you very much. After all, dreams are for the foolhardy, nightmares are just a part of life, and . . . this is not your average fairy tale.

My Thoughts

So ordinary girl meets up and coming Hollywood actor and is not impressed to find that he's a bit scruffy and hasn't bothered to wash his hair. And he is intrigued by the seemingly ordinary girl that doesn't buy into his star status like all the other screaming fans.

Initially I didn't really like Cris, she came across as a little whiney and annoying. It didn't however, take too long for me to understand the reasons behind her attitude and warm up to her.
In contrast I loved Tom straight away. He was sweet and funny, shy and a little awkward but very endearing. 

Tom really goes out of his way to show Cris that he isn't the trounced up big shot she initially thinks he is. He text messages and emails in an effort to find out as much as he can about her, and Cris is as equally interested in the man behind the glamor, although she continually questions his motives.
I really enjoyed their conversations, and often found myself smiling like an idiot as their romance blossomed. Their interactions felt very realistic and I enjoyed their attempts at dodging the paps. 

This is a very heartwarming story that reminds us all that fairy tales, really can come true. And I have to say that this is a long held fantasy of mine. Seriously, who wouldn't want a cute movie star to fall for them? Even better when that star is actually just a misunderstood, shy guy trying to find his place in the world like the rest of us.

Renee Ahdieh has delivered a well thought out, what if?, present day take on the classic Cinderella tale and I for one loved it. 
All in all a 5 star read.

Note: I'd just like to thank Revolution Publishing for inviting me to be a part of the Review Only Blog Tour for Fanfare. It has been a great experience and has introduced me to a new author that I will definitely be watching out for in the future:)

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  1. I had such a perma-grin while reading this book! It also had me laughing out loud--something that rarely happens for me! The pace of the relationship was PERFECT and kept me swooning throughout the entire story!


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