June 6, 2011

First Monday Of The Month Giveaway: June

Its June already people!
We are half way through the year, which means we are even closer to Christmas and well on our way to 2012. Eeekk!!


Angel ornaments, angel art, angel movies, angel jewellery, books about angels..........

And they don't have to be your traditional Heavenly Angels either, in fact if I'm reading about angels they can be any stretch of the imagination.
Blood sucking angels, avenging angels, fallen angels, guardian angels, sex crazed angels, 20 foot tall lizard faced angels, I really do just have a thing for them.

So when I recently went to a small farmers market and stumbled upon a lady selling crystal angel jewelry I had to buy some!
I think they are super cute and since I love to spread the joy I bought a pair for you too!

Well for one of you at least!!
Crystal Angel Earrings
They are Rose Quartz and Strawberry Agate Angels and super cute.


Thats right this months giveaway is this pair of ANGEL earrings complete with little gift bag.

Just tell me in your comment what you 'have a thing for' and you're in to win.
Giveaway will run until the last Monday of the month (June 27th) and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter, so remember to leave your email address.



  1. Well besides books....i have a major thing for Shoes! Its could be stilletos, flats, sneakers, flip flops whatever. I love shoes!! =D


  2. LorettaLynn6/6/11, 7:58 AM

    Oh cool giveaway:)
    Im into books witch im sure you new already:)
    I also love cooking,If im not reading im cooking!!


  3. I have a huge addiction of buying books and reading them, but never being able to give any away. I had my friends kid comment that it was like Chris had her own library. I get some from Barnes & Noble, I get a lot of Half-Price Books, used bookstores, and visit a lot of garage sales in the spring and summer. I also love to collect Harry Potter stuff. I started after I read the 3rd book and the 1st movie was coming out and people were just starting to really, really like harry potter. I have gotten some cool stuff from Hallmark. A couple of years ago my mom bought me some Harry Potter bookends and they were supposed to be from the first movie. One bookend has ron & heromine standing and the other bookend has harry sitting in a armchair next to the portait of the fat lady. my fav harry potter item.

  4. I love purses. I have found very expensive, unique, and just plain goofy ones at the thrift stores in my area!

  5. hey thanks for the contest. for me apart from buying loads of books. i have a thing for cats, i love my babies :) and i also love bed linen. i love to go to a store and buy new sheets and duvet covers, even if i never use them i love to buy them :)


  6. I love jewelry I love earrings bracelets. I also have a thing for hair things.


  7. some really great things you all collect ladies :0)
    Best of luck xox

  8. I love rings.
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com


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