July 25, 2011

Book Review: The "Ghost" Murders by JT Lewis

The Ghost Murders 
JT Lewis
Source: Smashwords 
The sleepy little county in southeast Indiana is suddenly awakened by a series of murders, leaving local law enforcement unsure where to turn. Seeming like professional hits, the victims are nonetheless normal every day people, with no ties to each other or anything criminal. Of the scant clues left at the scenes, there is one that kept showing up, a business card identifying their perp only as the 'GHOST'.

Gabriel Celtic and the other members of the Major Crimes Taskforce have been tasked with finding the ominous man, but soon discover that they will be thwarted at every turn. The revelation of another's involvement also involved in the murders, the mastermind of the killings, sends the investigation yet again into turmoil as this person easily eludes their efforts to identify and locate...her, a woman!

As the murders continue, it also becomes apparent that Jasmine, the beautiful blonde mastermind, has it out for the County Sheriff's Department, implicating its involvement with each new body found.

Having never been involved in such a bizarre series of crimes, Gabriel soon learns that solving the investigation would cost one his own the ultimate sacrifice

My Thoughts

Although not a bad story, I did find it a little difficult to read. 

I felt the story telling was a little confusing at first as there wasn't really one stand out 'voice' even though the book is supposed to center around the main character of Gabriel Celtic. 
It jumped around a bit between several of the players before settling into a clearer narrative. 

I'm also not a big fan of over describing everyday tasks. 
You poured a coffee and ate some eggs. I don't need to know how you prepare your coffee nor do I need every detail involved in cooking your eggs. (pet peeve-sorry)
Unless there is a reason why those things will play an important part in the story ie someone dies because of it,  I think its an unnecessary filler.

Overall, the actual story, the mystery, is okay and I did enjoy trying to figure it all out but the writing could use some more pep and direction. 0nly 2 stars

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