January 17, 2012

Books, Drama, and Deleted Files

Hello friends and followers.

Well it feels like forever since I last posted anything and truth be told it has only been about 3 or 4 weeks. In blog terms, not unlike ‘dog years’ it actually feels more like 3 or 4 months!

So Christmas came and went and so did the New Year and I haven’t heard from one of my Christmas Blog Hop winners so I will need to do a re-drawing for a metal bookmark winner :) 
Check at the end of this post to see if its you.

My family and I have made our largest move to date and relocated to New Zealand’s most northern city Whangarei. The move itself went fairly smoothly and without too much drama, however now that we are here and pretty much unpacked it’s been nothing but.

There is no TV aerial or satellite which means getting one set up which means a nice big bill. (I’ve had a satellite installed since writing this and it cost me $350)
The area we live in is so new that there is only a dial up internet service available, no broadband for approx 3-4 months at the least!!
No broadband internet, are you serious?!
This is New Zealand for cripes sake…not a third world country! Well the internet provider is 100% serious.
Because this development is so new, and has grown so fast there just aren’t enough ports on the local system to support everybody’s requirements. 
So they’ve put me on a waiting list *scoff* 
Flipping heck that such a flaming cop out…..I’m so far from impressed I can tell you!

As for reading, how’s that going for all of you?
I’ll be honest; I haven’t read hardly anything since before Christmas. Shameful I know but it has been a mad house at my place. I’m hoping to get back into it very soon as I’ve got commitments to meet, great books on the tbr pile and people I don’t want to let down. 
This means I probably won’t be accepting any more review requests until I get my internet sorted out. 

And in breaking news....my husband deleted my ENTIRE book library.
My kindle books are safe but EVERYTHING I've purchased from other sources, my review books, my not yet uploaded book reviews etc is gone :(

I'll work on getting it recovered but at this stage, unless a computer whiz fairy lands in my lap I think I'm pretty much stuffed :(

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday and I wish you all fantastic things for 2012.

And the winner of the metal bookmark is......miki

I'll send you an email miki, but you have till the end of the week to email me your postal details to receive this.

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  1. i'm really sorry for your problems really but in the same times.. i'm so so happy to have won that i can't stop smiling ( sorry;;)

    i wish you all the best and again thanks you a lot

    i've just answered your mail


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