June 23, 2012

Book Review: This Heart For Hire by Elysa Hendricks

Title: This Heart For Hire
Author: Elysa Hendricks
Release Date: October 12th 2011
Publisher: Self published
Source: Recieved from RomCon for the purpose of an honest review

A convent reared innocent and a gunslinger with no memory struggle to survive and find love while crossing the dangerous west Texas frontier.

Abandoned by his father and betrayed by his half-brother and fiancee on the eve of his wedding, JAKE GALLAGHER no longer believes in love. Though he longs to go home, his undercover work for the Texas Rangers keeps him in a lawless Texas border town. Even though it jeopardises his mission he refuses to stand by and watch outlaws rape and murder a young woman. Getting shot and losing his memory wasn’t part of his plan.

While fleeing from her stepfather’s plans to steal their ranch, CHRISTINA GOODWIN witnesses her brother’s murder and is left in the hands of a merciless band of outlaws. Raised in a strict convent, Christina has little knowledge of men or the world, its dangers and temptations. Frightened and alone, she is forced to accept the help of the dark gunslinger who rescues her. Though drawn to Jake’s potent masculinity, she hesitates to trust him, fearing her stepfather has sent him to bring her back. Unsure of Jake’s motives for helping her, she struggles against him, determined to find a way to avenge her brother’s death and regain control of her ranch from her stepfather.

My Thoughts

This Heart for Hire is action packed pretty much from start to finish.
A well paced, interesting story, full of conflict and excitement with plenty of sexual tension thrown in too.
While the story telling isn't perfect, there is a lot going on to keep you interested and caring about the characters.

The secondary characters are easy to like also and definitely worthy of their own book, and it'd be first in line to see what happens for them in the future.
My only real criticism would be that the ending is very abrupt which left me unhappy and definitely unsatisfied.
Still a good 3.5 Star read :]

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