October 2, 2012


Do you ever feel book guilt?

Guilt for that never ending, ever increasing TBR pile?

Do you feel guilty for not LOVING the latest it book like everyone else does?

Are you guilty of borrowing a book and still not having read it weeks, if not months later?

I can answer a very loud, and very not proud yes to all of those questions and more...

Read me NOW!

Both my Kindle and Kobo are filled with an array of impulse purchases and freebies, and
I am always buying books that then sit on my bookshelf unread, calling my name, 'Read me Cath, read me now!'      

I get asked to review books and I al
most always say yes, and then feel sick with guilt when I still haven't had a chance to read them months later.

I've tried lists, scheduling, saying no - my laundry is usually a mile high, dinner on the table late...but somehow I still end up behind, forever playing catch up; forever feeling guilty :(

Surely I'm not the only one crazy enough to feel this guilt, am I?

I am a people pleaser...

I have yes disease...

I like to keep everyone happy, and suffer tremendous guilt when I can't fulfill a commitment whether real or imagined.

Do I think I can be cured?

Can I shrug it off and get over it?

Will I ever change, and do I really want to?
Honest answer, probably not - no!

Will I continue to buy books?

Will I keep accepting review books?

Well, duh!!

Self abuse and examination of book guilt over, I'd better hit that TBR pile and read something!!!

Do you suffer from book guilt?
Are you a people pleaser too?
Please don't let me be alone - LOL!!


  1. You are totally not alone Cath! I've just had a week off and read 4 books but I still feel guilty about the others I didn't manage to get to.

    I'll always say yes to books (especially when if they're free), even if I end up drowning in them.


  2. I am such a people pleaser! I always like everyone to be happy and I have so many books on my kindle that have been waiting for months to be read. I must feel guilty because I just cringed when I wrote the last half of that sentence :)

    Great post.

  3. Definitely book guilt. And I can't help myself when I accidentally end up in the bookstore AGAIN and I walk out with more books that I will heap in stacks near my desk and around my workspace because I love them even though I won't get to read them for months and I CANNOT HELP IT I LOVES THE BOOKS!

    Phew. I feel better. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  4. Hi Zac,
    YAY - thank you for making me feel better *wipes brow* I'm glad its not just me...sometimes when I'm lamenting my tbr pile, my DH looks at me like I'm crazy or something!!

    Hi Melissa,
    you have a legitimate excuse for being behind with your reading though - you're usually writing your next book LOL!!

    Hiya Jenn,
    I took my girls to the library today - guess what we came home with...yep, more books!!!

    Morale of the story...we are all gluttons for punishment!!

    Thanks for you comments, and keep reading :p

  5. Well I have determined that we are definitely soul sisters if not twins that were separated at birth LOL Oh yes this addiction is one that I will never shake and frankly do not want to. In the moments when I am not experiencing the anxiety of will I be able to keep my commitments, I am in bliss knowing that whenever, wherever, I will have a good book at my finger tips ;)

  6. Hi Denise,
    LOL, soul sisters unite!!
    I hope you're reading something super good right now, I 'm just about to start a YA book with a review due in 2 days - oh, the pressure!!
    Happy reading :)


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