October 27, 2012

Book Launch Event for Kiwi: The Real Story

Today at the Whangarei library, the official book launch for
Kiwi: The Real Story took place.

Heather Hunt

Annemarie Florian

After some brief speeches made by the illustrator Heather Hunt, and author Annemarie Florian, we were told some amusing tales of Heather and Todd's adventures tracking various Kiwi through bush blocks and gully's.
Todd, heather and Annemarie
We were then treated to a wonderful and entertaining puppet show which kept the children completely and thoroughly transfixed.

Beautifully realistic Kiwi puppets
Rat attack!
The Kiwi is a curious bird

The children then had a morning tea of mud slide drinks (chocolate milk), freshly dug worms (jelly) and insect biscuits :)
Bush tucker
fresh 'worms'

Huhu grub!

This really was a lovely morning out with my girls, and we made sure to get our copy of this gorgeous book signed by Heather and Annemarie, and Todd from Backyard Kiwi too.

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