November 25, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Funny Business by Katie McLean

Artie’s been carrying a torch for Marie since she first repaired his car at Smitty’s garage. Too bad she hates cops, and he is one. You could write a novel about their situation. Actually, Artie did. He even published it online. It’s a little cheesy, but his pen name, Desiree Robb, is developing a fan base. 

Out of the blue, the book takes off, igniting an avalanche of sales. Desiree Robb is approached by a major publisher—they’re offering millions! 
 However, Desiree has to show her pretty face for promotions… and guess who Artie asks to play the part? 

Marie signs on—for a price. It’s easy money, but things get complicated. Artie’s driving her batty. Or is there something more? During preparations for a live TV broadcast, a sweet romance tentatively begins. 

More complications ensue. The mob gets involved. These guys mean business—so what if they still live with their parents? 

Then there’s the hot-for-cops VP, a popular talk show, and the FBI. It all fuses into a laugh-out-loud cluster chaos as tangled as a New York City rush hour.

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