June 16, 2014

Blog Tour ~ Love Undone by Diana Nixon

Love Undone

By Diana Nixon
Available from JUNE, 3rd 2014

What would you do if all your memories were gone?
One day Kassie wakes up and realizes that her life is nothing but an endless emptiness…
One tragic incident takes away everything that she has ever cherished and loved: family, friends and all the best moments that she ever lived through. 
Now everything seems unknown, including a beautiful stranger,
whose mere look makes her heart beat faster. 
Who is that reckless and mysterious man? Is he just an old friend or an enemy? Sinking into the vortex of indescribable emotions, they will give in to the most irresistible temptation ever,
just to fall in love with each other, again and again...


“Can we finally talk about us?”
She stood still, and I didn’t know what to expect in response, a slap in my face or another portion of boring-to-death talks about keeping distance.
Instead, she put her palms around my wrists and leaned closer, brushing my lips with hers.
“Why the hell is it that every time I see you, my rational thinking goes to rack and ruin?”
“I don’t know,” I breathed into her parted lips.
“I’m so tired of fighting with you, Daniel,” she said in a barely audible voice. “But even more, I’m tired of fighting with myself.” Then, she pulled my lips to hers and kissed me hungrily, as if she knew it was the exact way I wanted to be kissed right then.
I tangled my fingers in her hair, drawing her even closer, as if our kiss wasn’t deep enough. My lips were teasing and demanding; my mind turned off. All I wanted now was to get lost in her; in her scent and warmth; in her kisses and touches. When she moaned loudly into my mouth, I realized it was the moment that her defense shattered. I ran my hands down her sides, and pressed her body closer to mine. She broke the kiss only to take a breath, then crushed her lips back on mine, drinking in every word and thought crossing my blurred mind.
I pushed her backwards, sweeping away everything that was on my desk before her back touched the smooth surface. I was desperate; nothing seemed real, but I didn’t give a damn. I was dying to get a taste of the drug called Kassie.
“I can’t stop,” I breathed, swallowing hard. I was sure I would have a heart attack if she made me stop now. My heart was beating wildly.
“Neither can I,” she whispered back, trying to catch her breath. “But-”
“Oh, no!” I groaned aloud. “Please, don’t say you need to go, now.”
“I was actually going to say that we can’t do it here.”
“Why not?”
“I feel like my brother is watching us.”
I smirked. “Serves him right.”
“No, Daniel, I’m serious. Let’s go somewhere else.”
            “You are going to be the death of me,” I said, helping her to her feet.
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