June 24, 2014

Book Review ~ Sacrificial Muse by Maegan Beaumont

Sacrificial Muse
Maegan Beaumont
Release Date:
July 2014
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Received from NetGalley via the publisher.
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Sabrina opened the red envelope and saw one word.

Mox. Soon.

After learning the identity of the serial killer behind her 83 horrific days of rape and torture, Sabrina Vaughn has suffered more physical and emotional wounds than she can handle. Despite reeling with pain both old and new, Sabrina is given a second chance as a San Francisco homicide detective. But as reporters dog her every step and hordes of mail pour into her office — from supporters and nutjobs alike — Sabrina falls deeper into a pit of humiliation and anxiety. When nine red roses repeatedly show up on her desk, followed by an ominous red envelope addressed to Calliope, Sabrina realizes that a new killer is targeting her. She is his chosen muse, and the Fates require sacrifice.

My Thoughts

I read Maegan Beaumont’s debut novel Carved in Darkness a year ago and was completely blown away. It was gripping, dark, seductive, and it left such an impression on me that I still think about it regularly! Carved in Darkness was my favorite read of 2013 – so yeah; this was always going to be a tough act to follow, especially when the first book was a smash-it-out-of-the-park amazing read. Would the story be as good, will the characters have their same charm? Would the action, mystery, romance, and intrigue live up to its predecessor? Sacrificial Muse had so many expectations to live up to!

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Sabrina and Michael have not seen each other since what happened (no spoilers) in CiD. Because of his work and a stubborn determination to keep Sabrina safe, Michael has kept his distance; but in doing so he has broken her heart. Not that she’ll admit it, because Sabrina is just as determined to keep Michael safe, and so she has found another shoulder to turn to, another man to keep her company. But there is a new killer on the loose and this one has chosen to toy with Sabrina, to tease and torment her, and she’s now the target in his sick plans to mutilate and kill.

Although a little less graphic than CiD, Sacrificial Muse is by no means less intense, it is heart pounding intrigue at its very best. The writing is smooth, flowing effortlessly throughout; so much so that I got sucked into Sabrina and Michael's story and didn’t resurface until I was done.  Maegan Beaumont knows exactly what the reader wants and tantalises them with her seductive writing style until nothing else matters except devouring the story.

Sacrificial Muse is such a great read, and I mean really, really great – it kept me guessing right until the end! And yes, there are some really great Sabrina and Michael moments to satisfy the romantic heart (but I still want more!)

A fast paced exciting read that I couldn’t put down, can I have book #3 now please?!!
5 stars


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