October 3, 2014

Blogger Insights #1

Recently I've been spending quite some time answering questions from newbie bloggers and indie authors about all things bookish and bloggy - which I'm always happy and honored to do! - but I've spoken to some other bloggers about this, and they don't seem to field as many questions as I do; and some of them aren't actually open to doing so either - which is completely fine, I'm not judging, we all have different things going on in our lives.

But it made me think - what is it that people think I have to offer them?

Now I've always had an easy rapport with people; all ages and all walks of life and maybe that comes across. Maybe I seem to be the approachable non-threatening type, and that's cool because I am (most-of-the-time!)... but no matter, I enjoy helping people out. I'm a great believer in sharing knowledge, giving someone a helping hand, a spot of advice here and there...

And because of that, I have decided to start posting little tidbits, inspirational posts, and yes, the occasional rant (lol) to satisfy the many inquiring minds that take the time to email and facebook message me - and so My Book Chatter's Blogger Insights has been born!

So let me know if you have a question - whether book or blogger, writing or author related, or just something random you've always wanted to know and may have been to shy to ask anyone about for fear of being ridiculed or put down - and I am more than happy to keep it 100% anonymous if you'd rather.

If you have a pressing question, or an idea for a Blogger Insight subject, drop me an email: bookschatter(at)gmail(dot)com
or you can message me on facebook at my blogger profile or my blog page...

So thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon!

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