October 19, 2014

Blogger Insights (#3) The Importance of Social Networking

I have found and loved many indie books since I first started blogging X amount of years ago and I have made some great friendships with authors thanks to their accessibility via social media. And that's really where this post is leading, social networking.

Love it or hate it, facebook, twitter, instagram, goodreads, blogs, websites - the social media list is pretty endless - is a necessity in marketing your book and yourself as an author. If you want someone, anyone to help promote your book(s) then you need to be accessible and approachable to your potential readers.

I have worked with and reviewed for a number of authors who don't have much of a social profile and while I've taken every step to promote them and push their books, it has been a struggle. And on more than one occasion, I've found myself bearing the brunt of a disappointed author.

But interaction is key. Whether on facebook or twitter, or any other platform, it is imperative that an author connect with their readers and potential readers. It is also important to respond and interact when people go to the effort to message an author via a blog post, email or message. To ignore a direct message or comment is to possibly turn away a paying customer. So for as much as you may hate facebook and the like, it is a necessary tool.

Getting back to my earlier comment in regards to bearing the brunt of a disgruntled author... if I read and review your book or feature a book/author spotlight post and you have only one place in which fans can connect with you, it is always going to be hard to get your name out there, to get you seen on a large scale. And blaming the blogger that is helping you out is poor form to say the least.

At the end of the day, everything I do for an author or a book as a blogger for My Book Chatter is done because I want to. Because I've enjoyed a story. Because I've been asked for help and I'm a nice person. To then turn around and blame me for a lack of improved sales or reviews, or likes (for instance) is a slap in the face. Not to mention rude, arrogant, and a great way to lose not only my respect but more importantly, my support.

So the moral of this insight is... before you hit publish, before you ask anyone to market you, to read your book or promote you, to talk you up in any way, shape or form - create a decent social media profile.

Figure out what works for you.
Find out what is the easiest for you to maintain.
Make an effort to connect.
And for Gods sake take some responsibility... I get paid nothing to blog about you, to help you out. For you to treat me like your personal virtual punching bag is not okay, and you never know - you might just find yourself the subject of a name and shame rant post!

Things to remember: 90% of bloggers are here for the books, the stories, the love of reading. And by spending our time getting excited about you is beneficial to you.

Book bloggers are often the front line of your promotion, we often start the hype; but we can shut you down just as quickly if you piss enough of us off!


Don't forget... if you have a burning question, or an idea for a Blogger Insight post, email me at bookschatter(at)gmail(dot)com

*side note*
I personally, am not vindictive, bitchy, or popular enough to actually shut you down... I'm just making a point here - have some manners, and some self-respect!

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