November 29, 2015

Blogger Insights ~ When Did Bloggers Become The Enemy...

I was going to post a scathing rant about some unseemly bad author behaviour I had witnessed on facebook recently - but I've had a slight change of heart and decided to tone it down somewhat - take from it what you will...

I was horrified to read recently a number of authors having an open rant session about book bloggers on *facebook.

Apparently, the blogging community at large doesn't do enough for up and coming authors; ie: exposure, raising book sales, extra page likes, website visitors, comments etc. According to these disgruntled authors (and its something I'm hearing more often) blogging is a waste of time and only for the BIG names!

A couple of authors even had the audacity to say not-so-nice things about specific blogs in this rant session because the bloggers didn't make the authors book(s) into best sellers!

Now I do don't know about others book bloggers but I got into blogging because I simply love a good read. And blogging has exposed me to so many books that I would never have found out about otherwise - and by reading other blogs and getting involved in the community I have made some amazing friendships and I love the small part I play in spreading the word about all books... so when I hear or read about an author out-and-out blaming a blogger or bloggers for an authors lack of success, it riles me right up!

I have spent more money on books in the last five years since I started blogging than I ever did before! Because I like to help authors out I will buy a copy of a book even if I was lucky enough to read an ARC, often buying copies for friends, print copies for my keeper shelf, even running giveaways out of my own pocket because I want a great book to succeed.

To say that I, or any other book blogger doesn't do anything for you - farrk off!!

When did book bloggers become the enemy - because a book blogger by definition is someone who blogs about books merely for the joy of the books themselves!

Okay, there's going to be the odd blogger with their hand out looking for the freebies but the majority of the bloggers I know, are not like that at all.

So for all the angry authors out there - please don't whack all the great bloggers with the shit stick just because you didn't hit the best sellers list right off the bat... maybe your expectations of infamy and stardom need to be more realistic, humble yourself, take a look in the reality mirror...

... and if you are one of those grabby hands bloggers looking for your next freebie - shame on you, shame!

*Said rant on facebook was in a private group for authors and bloggers and has since been deleted after numerous complaints!

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