November 3, 2015

Halloween, Missing Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, and more...

Ghost pops!
I managed to clean off my desk over the weekend - in between getting kids ready for Halloween, making ghost pops, and handing them out to all the local kids that came by my door! And I came a cross a number of unpublished book reviews in a notebook. They're from around the time my grandmother passed away and have just been overlooked and forgotten about.... so I'm going to revisit the scribbled notes I have and refresh myself as to them and get them up over the next week - hopefully!

some of the kids Halloween decorations
My daughter finishes high school on Wednesday!!
Where the hell has the time gone - it seems just like yesterday I was sat in my car crying on her first day... and if I'm honest it'll be the same again, but for entirely different reasons!

I'm hosting a Cover Reveal for author Maegan Beaumont next week.... the sign up link is here if you're interested in jumping on board, there's still time to join.

I need to catch up on my NZ Authors blog series - yes, it's still coming along - I've just had a few kid busy weeks but I hope to get back on track soon.

Have a great week folks!...

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