March 29, 2011

Book Reveiw: In The Arms Of Stone Angels By Jordan Dane

*I hate spoilers in a review and therefore will only include the blurb for this book and refrain from giving away anything else for the benefit of those who may still have this on their TBR piles.*
In The Arms Of Stone Angels
Jordan Dane 
"In the arms of stone angels I am not afraid"
–Brenna Nash

 Two years ago I did a terrible thing. I accused my best friend of being a killer after seeing him kneeling over a girl’s body. That moment and that outcast boy still haunt me. Now my mom is forcing me back to Oklahoma and I can’t get White Bird out of my mind. But when I find out he’s not in juvie—that he’s in a mental hospital, locked in his tormented brain at the worst moment of his life—I can’t turn my back on him again.
No one wants me to see him. My mom doesn’t trust me. The town sheriff still thinks I was involved in the murder. And the other kids who knew the dead girl are after me. I’m as trapped as White Bird. And when I touch him, I get sucked into his living hell, a vision quest of horrifying demons and illusions of that night. Everything about him scares me now, but I have to do something. This time I can’t be a coward. This time I have to be his friend.
Even if I get lost, as well...


I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time and was absolutely thrilled to receive an egalley copy from netGalley.

I was extremely impressed with the very intense and often brutal accuracy with which the author described the teenagers in this book. Not just the lead character, Brenna, but every teenager in this book is extremely well written with all the angst and heartache that is often hidden under the surface of even the most popular kids.
I found some parts of the story shocking and terrifyingly familiar. In the 20 years since I left school teenagers have seemingly learnt nothing and parents are still blind to the downsides of the pubescent social ladder.
The love story in this book was sweet and grew slowly as the plot was revealed, and as Brenna grew into a more confident and honest version of herself.
With many twists and turns, In The Arms Of Stone Angels kept me guessing right to the end.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be recommending it to others, and purchasing a print version for myself.
A brilliant 5/5 read.

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