May 16, 2011

Book Review: Born Of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon

*I hate spoilers in a review and therefore will only include the blurb for this book and refrain from giving away anything else for the benefit of those who may still have this on their TBR piles.*

Born of Shadows
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Source: NetGalley

In the universe where the League is law, most live in fear. We fight back. Welcome to a world where corrupt assassination politics dominate everyone. It's kill or be killed.
Caillen's destiny was to become the next generation of Dagan smugglers. Until fate intervenes. Suddenly, his life is not his own and his loyalties are split in a way he could have never imagined.
In a world where everything's earned and nothing is given, Desideria has battled to have a place of honor in her mother's Royal Guard. But when she uncovers the plot to kill her mother and overthrow her government, she knows she has to move quickly to prove it. Unfortunately, her only hope is a man whose past is as jaded as his present. Now they must find common ground to work together or more than just their lives will be forfeit. Their worlds and families will be enslaved.

My Thoughts

Let me start by saying I LOVE SHERRILYN KENYON!
Her 'Dark Hunter' series are some of my all time favorite books. That being said, Born of Shadows is not.
Its not a bad book. In fact it has a great story, great characters, and great twists and turns that keep you guessing.
However, I was bored. It wasn't a boring book, but I was bored.
There's not anything I can even put my finger on to say 'that's it, that's what was wrong with this book' because I cant.
I was less bored towards the end when all the secondary characters came into play a lot more but even that didn't save this book for me sadly.
A mediocre 3 star read.

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