May 20, 2011

Book Review: Slow Burn by E.B Walters

*I hate spoilers in a review and therefore will only include the blurb for this book and refrain from giving away anything else for the benefit of those who may still have this on their TBR piles.*
Slow Burn
E.B Walters (aka Ednah Walters)
Source: Received from the author
She doesn’t want to deal with the past….

Ten years ago, Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire and her mind blocked the memory. She pretends to have moved on, is a successful artist and photographer, until she opens her door to a stranger, assumes he’s a model and asks him to strip to his briefs.

He plans to expose the truth…

Wealthy businessman Ron Noble has the body, the jet, the fast cars and the women, but he hides a deadly secret. His father started the fire that killed Ashley’s parents. Now someone is leaving him clues that could exonerate his father and they lead to Ashley’s door. Blindsided by the blazing attraction between them and a merciless killer silencing anyone who was there the night of the fire, Ron can’t dare tell Ashley the truth. Yet the answer he seeks may very well tear them apart.

While a demented arsonist plots his ultimate revenge..

My Thoughts

I have to start off by clarifying how I received my copy of this book for the benefit of those people who will undoubtedly get the wrong idea and may even pooh-pooh the author or myself.

I entered a facebook competition to win a signed bookmark. 
The author was overly generous and sent me her book as well as the bookmark! 
Again, a very generous unsolicited gift from the author with NO strings attached. 

On with my thoughts...........

Totally, absolutely, without doubt, LOVED IT!!!

The back story is great. The characters are strong, well fleshed out and real. 
There is just the right amount of mystery and intrigue, and of course romance.
I really felt Ron and Ashley's attraction. I understood them, and the reasons for why they were who they were because the author took the time to make them into real people that I easily cared about without drowning them in unnecessary and overly complicated explanations. 
This book had great flow, and at no point was I bored or disappointed.

For me, Slow Burn was like that first piece of chocolate cake. It wasn't enough. I want more. More Fitzgerald's that is!!!!
I read the teaser chapters for the next book in The Fitzgerald Series and I for one will be pre ordering it!!!

A well deserved 5 star read.


  1. Happy you enjoyed it-that's all that counts.

  2. WELL SAID! I agree 100% with you on this review. This series is going to ROCK! You can come join us on the The Fitzgerald Series fan page on Facebook!/pages/The-Fitzgerald-Family-series-by-EB-Walters/149204081811639(Yes the author is fully aware of this page & has authorized us to launch it).

    We are currently holding a blog tour for Slow Burn (with give aways)! I hope you and your readers come join us! This series is only going to get BETTER!!

    Thank you!


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