March 9, 2012

Book Review: Rain's Fairy Tale by A.D. Williams

Title: Rain's Fairy Tale
Author: A.D. Williams
Source: Received from the author for an honest review

All little Angel Morgan ever wanted was to grow up and live the fairy tale life she'd always dreamt of, but when a series of tragic events make life too real, she's forced to face an ugly truth- not all ever afters are happy.

My Thoughts

The Story:
At first I found some of the content a little disturbing (not wanting to leak any spoilers here). After all, in the beginning we are talking about a ten year old girl.
However, Angel never really reads like a ten year old. She is broken and nothing and/or no-one ever seems able or willing to help her.
Angel's home life is abysmal to say the least and just when a small light appears at the end of the tunnel, it goes from bad to worse extremely fast.
What transpires and the emotional fallout from that is a bumpy tale fraught with heartache. In fact the emotion and disorder in 'Rain's Fairy Tale' is so achingly real its scary. The mother in me just wants to bundle her up and smother her in love and affection and tell her it will all be okay.

Neither Angel (or Rain, as she's sometimes called) or Ziadas are without fault, both make bad decisions and at times I wanted to knock their heads together!
But the love that Rain and Zi share is overwhelming, and I was reminded of the all consuming love of Romeo and Juliet and the intensity of their resolve to be together. That same sentiment is felt in this book, and at times, nearly brought me to tears.

The ending was perfect.
That last chapter brought all of Zi's beliefs together with the idea of their love being forever, finally giving Rain and Ziadas the beginning of a new love story that they truly deserved.

The Writing: The writing is good but at times I had to go back a couple of pages in confusion. Had I missed a page? Had a new chapter started? Sometimes the time, place or setting jumped from one sentence to the next without the benefit of a new paragraph or chapter leaving me in moments of bafflement and making it a little difficult to follow.
Therefore, my only criticism would be that the writing needs a slight edit to tighten up those loose sentences that seem to be out of place or context (IMO).

So 'Rain's Fairy Tale', although at times risque and heartbreaking throughout is a definite winner.
An almost 5 star read.


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