July 8, 2013

Interview With Author Venita Louise

It is my pleasure to welcome author Venita Louise to My Book Chatter today to talk about writing and her newest release, In Mysterious Ways

Why did you want to be a writer?
I really didn’t set out to become a writer. It happened about fifteen years ago. An idea kept running though my head. I would open my eyes in the morning and it would say, “oh good, you’re awake.” Then the idea would present itself all over again. I felt like I was being stalked. One day I sat down at my computer just to make a few notes. Nine months later, I had a novel.

Where did the idea for In Mysterious Ways first come from?
I have always been interested in unsolved mysteries. I was watching a documentary about crop circles on the Discovery Channel called, ‘Mysteries in the Fields’ and started applying ‘what if’ scenarios to what might happen to characters if they were exposed to crop circle energy. In Mysterious Ways was published in paperback in 2012.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I wish I could say I am disciplined enough to stick with one. My first novel was romance and I enjoyed writing it but it wasn’t my first published novel. I entered a novella contest for mystery writers in 2001. The guidelines said it had to be set in a time period before 1969. I chose 1946 because of my love for film noir. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to get a call from Vintage Romance Publishing saying they wanted to publish my work. Of course I had to withdraw from the contest but I happily did so. My first published book was, Initials For Murder, in e-book format. The editor who worked with me said she enjoyed the humor that I wove through the story and challenged me to write a comedy. I respectfully declined but ended up writing, Mixed Nuts, which was published in paperback in 2005 by Vintage Romance. In the meantime, I was writing a sequel to Initials for Murder and when I had finished Vintage had made the decision to discontinue offering e-books. I submitted, Dead on the Money, and they liked it so much they published it in paperback in 2007. Initials For Murder was included as a prequel.

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your books or getting them published that you would change?
I wouldn’t change anything. I am just grateful that I am published. I am proud to announce that all three of my novels are now available in audio.

In your experience, what are the best and worst things about being a writer?
The best thing for me being a writer is that I am an introvert so spending long hours alone researching and writing is like being in heaven. The worst thing for me is marketing. Unfortunately, these days, writers are expected to spend as much time marketing as they do writing.

Who are your ‘must read’ authors and who would we find on your bookshelves/e-reader?
Well of course Stephen King, when I don’t mind bumps in the night. I also like research books, Deadly Doses by Serita Stevens and Ann Klarner is a must if you want to poison one of your characters. I adore Ann Roach, author of Stiff, Spook and Gulp, all three living in my bookcase. She is graphic in her writing but defuses the gruesomeness with her wonderful sense of humor.

Fast Five

Favorite food… Italian!

Favourite movie… Please don’t make me choose. There are way too many. My husband and I are movie buffs and often quiz each other with movie lines.

Cat lover or Dog person… I love all animals except reptiles. I find it hard to love a cold-blooded animal.

Celebrity crush… Don’t laugh…Danny DeVito. Check out his lips, you know he’s got to be a great kisser.

If you weren’t a writer, you’d be… Actually, I’m not just a writer. I was a portrait artist for many years and I sing lead in a cover band named Meridian with my husband. We also have an original band, White Smoke. We released our first CD last year and we are working on a second. I have also been a manager at a well-known musical instrument company for the last seventeen years.

Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed Venita <3

Title: In Mysterious Ways
Author: Venita Louise
Release Date: May 30th 2012 

When well-known California Artist, Lang Garret, takes a trip to Phoenix, he has more than his gallery appearance in mind. His plans include a little surprise for his fiancee, Amanda, who is traveling with him. Unfortunately, a twist of fate, a chance meeting, and a chain of unforseen obstacles throw all of Lang's intentions out the window.

Lang and Amanda accept an invitation to join a group visit to one of Arizona's energy vortexes that mysteriously contains a newly formed crop circle. It seems innocent enough, but what begins as a curious adventure for a group of six turns an expected pleasure into a predicament of terror.

The unfathomable energy of the circle has a different repercussion for each individual who enters it. It seems impossible that the gyre could produce a horror, the power to kill, a marvel, the power to heal, and a blessing all at once, but the supernatural occurrences caused by the circle continue to alter their lives long after leaving Arizona. Now Lang and Amanda writhe under the struggle to keep their relationship intact and prevent the energy from annihilating their love.

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Through the years, Venita Louise has studied several avenues of creativity. Her first love was art, and she spent many years rendering portraits for the almost rich and famous.
In the year 2000, she discovered a new passion. Writing. She adores a mystery, a good romance and lots of action however she finds ways to thread humor throughout.

In addition to writing and art, she is also fulfilling her lifelong desire of performing music. She sings as lead vocalist in two bands, Meridian which covers classic rock, R & B, and pop tunes over several decades, and White Smoke, a band that formed between herself and BJ, her husband. In 2011, they released an eclectic compilation of original songs by White Smoke called Proper Introductions.

A friend once gave her a quote that has been on her refrigerator for twenty years. It says, "Use the talents that you possess; for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best."

Venita Louise lives by her philosophy that it's never to late to follow your dreams and it is better to fail than to regret that you didn't try.
Find Venita Louise here

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  1. Great interview, Venita! I learned some stuff I didn't already know about you!


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