October 21, 2015

Getting to Know Kiwi Authors ~ Leigh K. Hunt

Carrying on from my shameful admission of not knowing many Kiwi authors, today's blog post will feature a lovely lady I met for the first time at the 2015 NZ Independent Book Festival.

I first heard of Leigh K. Hunt through a mutual friend and I have read the novella in her The Nights series (but I really need to get with it and read the two other books she has written!). Let me introduce you to Kiwi author Leigh K. Hunt...

Meet The Author

Leigh K. Hunt is a reader, writer, mother, and wife from the Land of the Long White Cloud, otherwise known as Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has a weird obsession with books like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pride & Prejudice, and adores Thrillers and Dystopian novels. To say that she lives in her own dreamy wonderland is an understatement.

As a child, her whole world was fantasy-based reality of tree huts, artistic endeavours, musical creations, and story inventions. She would only come back to the 'real world' to do the mundane things like feed the dog her broccoli or brussel-sprouts under the dining table.

If Leigh could have one superpower in the whole wide world, it would be to have the ability to fold space and time, so that she could be anywhere, at any time. Leigh loves traveling with a fiery passion, and exploring foreign countries, delving into different cultures, and immersing herself with the people.

In her adult life, she works full time, is a mother to a gorgeous but very lively two-year-old, and is married to her rock, Michael. She also has numerous mothers, fathers, and a couple of very special siblings who keep her grounded, despite her desire to permanently live inside her head.


Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @leighkhunt
Email: leighkhunt.author@gmail.com

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Books by Leigh K. Hunt 

Tijuana Nights & London Dusk (The Nights Series, #0.5 & #1)



Getting shot at was never on McKenna Carmichael's bucket list, but then neither was being hunted by a Mexican Cartel.

After missing her flight, and then watching it blow up mid-air, Mack is stuck in Mexico and the only people she can trust are the ones that put her in this position in the first place.

River, Chase, and Gabriel offer Mack protection while they bring the El Diablo Cartel to its knees, and only by assisting them with yet another job will she gain the skills she needs to save her own life.

Her trip to Tijuana began as a simple game of distraction. Now it's a game of survival.

Enter Mack’s world in this action packed thriller, the first book of Leigh K. Hunt’s new Night’s Series.


McKenna Carmichael thought things couldn't get worse - not after catching her boyfriend with another woman. That is, until Luke demands she pay him back for every expense he made in her name, and half the house.

The problem is, McKenna is already struggling to make ends meet, let alone raise the money Luke's harassing her for. A friend offers a solution...if she's game enough.

Become a high-end escort.

Can McKenna turn from a reclusive historian to sex-pot, or will it end up being more trouble than it's worth?

Meet Mack in this exciting novella which leads into Leigh K. Hunt's thrilling new Night's series.

Purchase: Amazon US 

Venice Nights (Nights Series #2)

McKenna Carmichael has a new job in the beautiful country of Italy. This isn't a pleasure trip: she must eliminate her mark and get out.

Her target Luigi Donati is rich and handsome, and his fashion house leads charity work. But his dossier shows that’s a front, hiding ties to where his real money comes from: slave labour.

Mack realises that not only is Luigi innocent, but someone else is intent on killing him. Thrown by doubt, Mack must choose her role in this Italian job — predator or protector.

Join Mack on her next thrilling adventure in Leigh K. Hunt’s new Night’s series.

Purchase: Amazon US

Whether you are an author, publisher, editor, blogger, or you just love to read and you're interested in learning more about the 2016 NZ Book Festival please check out their website or facebook page.


  1. Hi Cath! Thanks! Ive been meaning to say that it was great to meet you officially in Auckland a couple of weeks ago. All the best, and keep in touch!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping in to say hi Leigh :)
      It was really nice to meet you in person too, so much better than just knowing someone online!


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