October 22, 2015

Getting to Know Kiwi Authors ~ J.C. Hart

I was really surprised at how many Kiwi authors I had never heard of when I attended the 2015 NZ Independent Book Festival earlier this month, so I am making it my mission to learn more about them with a series of blog posts I'm calling 'Getting to Know Kiwi Authors'. Today is the latest installment so if you'd like to follow along I'll put a link list of the previous posts at the bottom of the page.

I had the pleasure of meeting J.C. Hart at the book fest and she was absolutely lovely. I haven't read any of her books yet (I did just make a one-click purchase though!) but I've heard some great things.

Let me introduce you to J.C. Hart...

Meet the Author

Writer. Mother. Wife. Editor.

There are days when I consider myself a master of everything, and an expert in nothing.


Being a mother to three children keeps me on my toes, constantly exposes me to new ways of looking at the world and ensures that I never lose sight of the magic and fantasy present in life. Kids see the world in a different way than we do, and I’m never quite sure what the next day will bring.


Writing and editing though—now those are things I feel like I know something about. I write in a whole range of genres from science fiction, dark fiction, fantasy of all kinds, to those stories with a slightly lighter take on life. You might find that a sliver of creepiness infests them all though. My characters are all pieces of me, invested with sparks from life and my overactive imagination.

Previously I’ve been published in a number of award winning anthologies, and now I am finally releasing my longer works as an Independent author. I’ve been an Australian Shadows finalist for Best Short Story, and am a Sir Julius Vogel award winning editor, both things I am very proud of. I’m hoping to add more accolades to the list in the near future.

If you want to check out a post about why I write Speculative Fiction, you can find that here. And also a post including some random things you might not know about me.


Alongside my writing, I’m also an editor over at Hart & Stenhouse. Check us out if you’re interested in my services.

Books by J.C. Hart

In The Spirit: A Kotahi Bay Novella

Welcome to Kotahi Bay!

When Alyssa returns to the Bay for her Gran’s funeral, she finds herself in possession of the house of her dreams and, apparently, a centuries old ghost itching to escape its bonds.

Still, the house has given her an escape route from a dead end job and a nasty break-up, so perhaps dealing with a ghost might be worth it.

But between the residents who think she should step into her Gran's role as the town witch, a suspiciously nosy neighbour, and increasingly threatening occurrences around the house, Alyssa must decide whether this new home is worth it, or whether it's safer to leave the Bay for good.

Purchase Link: Amazon US

The Way the Sky Curves (Kotahi Bay Book 1)


Melody fled Kotahi Bay after the death of her abusive father. Years later, confined by the city and her controlling boyfriend, Robbie, she lifts her face to the wind and realizes that she has power, and that the wind is key to it all.

But Robbie is not happy with her awakening, and she finds herself running for her life, but this time, back to the bay, and her estranged family. There she meets the alluring Noah. He seems to want to help her, but can she trust him?

Then Robbie comes to the bay to claim her, and she discovers Noah's true nature. Betrayed and isolated, Melody must find a way to reclaim her power before Robbie destroys her family, and her life.

Purchase Link: Amazon US

Burn (Maiden, Mother, Crone Book 1)


No parent should outlive their children. But what if you do? What if your son’s dying wish is to be burnt in the manner of his people — a people he was taken from as a child?

Carmel must gather her orphaned grandson and her son’s corpse, and ease her aching bones into the long walk that takes her where she needs to be. The footsteps of the past nag at her heels as she journeys to once again look upon the face of the Goddess.

Purchase Link: Amazon US

Sun Touched (Diamara Book 1)


Madea knows the price that must be paid when Diamara’s harsh sun leaves you Touched: you are Hollowed, your inner self stripped away, leaving a mindless shell. As aide to the brilliant Sullivan, Madea has assisted at a few of these procedures, but it’s not until she witnesses the Hollowing of a young woman much like herself that Madea begins to question the ethics of their work.

Caught in a struggle she didn’t know existed, Madea finds herself pregnant and over-exposed. She doesn’t know how long until the madness sets in, but she does know what it will mean for her and her unborn child. No life at all.

Madea must turn from those who would Hollow her—friends, family, lover—as well as the protective rules she has clung to her whole life, to the enigmatic stranger, Garrett. He is the only one who can help her now, but he might also be the one who made her Touched to begin with.

Purchase Link: Amazon US


Whether you are an author, publisher, editor, blogger, or you just love to read and you're interested in learning more about the 2016 NZ Book Festival please check out their website or facebook page.

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