April 10, 2012

Blog Tour With Giveaway For Chael's Luck by Mireille Chester

I was lucky enough to get to read Chaels's Luck a little while ago and I can say wholeheartedly, you will enjoy this book!

If you would like to read my review, you can find it

I also have one ebook copy of Chael's Luck to giveaway so check the details at the end of this blog on how to enter

On with the interview...

Welcome Mireille, could you please tell us, how do you prepare for a day of writing, how does your process work?
The first thing I do is get my 2 boys ready for school then set up snacks, toys, and TV shows for my baby girl.  Then I make sure I have a full pot of coffee and off I go into my imaginary worlds.

Do your stories/characters manifest themselves i.e. in dreams/daydreams, voices in your head, or do you sit down and purposely create them?
A little of all of those.  I’ll wake up from dreaming something and go Ha! that’s a great idea!  All of my characters have their own little voices in my head telling me their stories.  I never really have a plan or set outline in place for any of my stories…I just start to write and the characters let me know where to go.

How do you pick names for your characters or do they have their own already?
They sort of already have their names even if I don’t pick the right one at first.  I write and use a name that pops into my head.  Sometimes it fits right away, sometimes I change it a few times before a name sticks.  When I find the right one, it just feels right.

Which of your fictional characters would you most like to spend time with?
I’d have to say Ternach.  He’s the immortal in The Chosen One Trilogy.  It would be neat to see his thoughts on the evolution of Quelondain since he’s been around since the beginning of time.

How do you deal with negative criticism (if any)?
I have to admit that at first, it broke my heart and made me doubt whether or not I wanted to keep writing.  Since Crossover, I’ve learnt to take from the reviews what I can to improve and to remind myself that not everyone will fall in love with my stories and writing just like I don’t love every book I read. 

What are three quirky, interesting, or little known facts you can tell us about yourself?
One, I talk to myself.  A lot.  I do it all the time and everywhere.  I tend to get a lot of odd looks and raised eyebrows out in public.
Two, the only TV shows I watch are cartoons if the kids are home.  If I’m home alone the TV gets turned off.  The only time I will make an effort to watch a TV show is if the entire season is out on DVD, and even then, that’s not often.
And three, my favorite snack at night when I’m writing is boiled artichokes dipped in lemon butter with a beer to drink.

If you could meet any author living or dead, who and why?
I’d have to say Michel Faber just so I could tell him I love how he never ends a story how you want it to end.

Which book (if any) can you read over and over and never tire of?
So many, it’s hard to pick one… but the top two would have to be The Lord of the Rings and the Outlander series.

Who’s your ultimate swoon worthy man (other than your hubby!)?
Vin Diesel.  I’m an arm girl and that man’s arms are phenomenal. :D

Dog lover, cat person or both/other?
Dog lover, though I do have a cat and Toad is pretty awesome… for a cat.

Favorite movie and/or TV show?
Boondock Saints for the movie and Primeval for the TV show.

Favorite actor and/or actress?
Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich.

Favorite book and/or author?
The Lord of the Rings and Diana Gabaldon.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Both.  I go to bed late but wake up early.  Thank god for coffee.

Favorite color?
Green, but not bright green; more along the lines of khaki.

Favorite food?
Steak (rare)

Sunny beach or snowy mountain top?
Snowy mountain top so long as it’s not minus 40 Celsius at the time.

Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs… :D

What’s the most daring thing you have ever done?
Asked my husband to marry me… though he didn’t say yes at the time, he did ask me in return about six months later. Lol

Last book you read other than your own?
Osric's Wand: The Wand-Maker's Debate by Jack D. Albrecht Jr. and Ashley Delay.  It’s a great fantasy story that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys worlds filled with magic.

If you weren’t a writer you’d…?
I suppose I’d still be a stay at home mom, lol.  I’d just have more time to read and my house would probably be a bit more tidy.

Thanks for answering all my questions Mireille, its been a pleasure to get to know you better.

Mireille also sent over an excerpt from Cheal's Luck you all...

I spotted my father and couldn’t help but smile at the pride he was obviously feeling.  My uncle and aunt stood by his side.  Princess Katheryn gave a small tug on my arm and smiled up at me.  What in the world had made her want me to win?  Of all the knights she could have wanted to escort her, there were many that were more suitable.  Knights were supposed to be tall, thick, and strong.  Though I was about three inches taller than her, I was a good half a foot shorter than the next shortest knight in my group.  And thick?  I’d never be mistaken for thick.  I had inherited my mother’s slight bone structure and couldn’t put on an ounce of muscle had I thrown logs twenty hours a day.
I followed the king to the head table, pulled out the princess’ chair, and sat beside her.  I looked to the table where Harry, Hal, Mac, and the rest of the newly appointed knights sat.  I noticed Caleb was absent.
“Do you know what happened to Caleb, your majesty?”
The princess nodded.  “My father dismissed him from the Knighthood.  He is no longer welcome here at the castle.”  She took a sip of her wine.  “It was decided he did not possess the honor needed to be of service on this guard.”
I tried to feel a bit of sympathy toward the man that had made it his life’s ambition to make my life hell, but couldn’t.  I took a drink of my ale and took a deep breath to savor the aromas of the feast being put down in front of us.  I spent most of the time answering questions for the princess, from anything to do with my childhood adventures to what I planned to do in the future.
“Well, I plan on staying on as a Knight.”  I frowned, not sure what she was trying to say.
“Has your father found a match for you yet?”
I tried not to choke on the mouthful I had started to swallow.
“Um, no.  Quite frankly, I haven’t really thought of the possibility of taking on a, uh, wife.”
“Surely you plan on having a son to carry on the family tradition.”
This time I pretended to choke so I could excuse myself.  I could feel her gaze on my back as I went out for some fresh air.  I heard the band strike up the first song and the sound of dancers moving along to the music.
“Are you alright?”  Katheryn’s small hand touched my arm.
I smiled.  “I am.  I’m not one to enjoy being in a room filled with people.  I’m mostly comfortable off in the woods on the back of my horse.”
She grinned and moved closer.  “I thought maybe I was the one making you uncomfortable.”
I took a step back and found myself pressed against the railing.
She frowned.  “Do you find me attractive, Chael?”
I felt the blood rise into my face.  “Of course, your majesty.”
Her frown relaxed.  “Can you explain to me then, why it is you look ready to jump over this railing even though you know you’re two stories up?”
“Your majesty?”
“Katheryn.”  She took another step closer.  I tried to look relaxed as her knee touched mine and she placed her hand on my waist.
“I want you to kiss me, Chael.”
“I’m asking you to kiss me.”
“I could order you to do it.”
I looked around, hoping to see another person so I could use that as an excuse not to.  “Princess…”
“Katheryn.”  I gazed into her dark eyes and forced myself to forget everything that was racing through my mind.  “You are a beautiful, independent, and obviously strong willed woman…”  I grinned as she tried to hide the smile the complement brought to her lips.  “I just…”
“You’re wondering why you?”
“I’m not the only one wondering.”
“You’re a man of honor, Chael.  You’ve spend years proving yourself.  You’re brave, skilled, and you care about your fellow Knights.”  She smiled.  “There are many women who have watched and are interested, Chael.  You just don’t seem to notice.”  She laughed at my frown.  “Some women want big, strong men.  I prefer mine to have brains over brawn.  Honor trumps muscles any day in my books.”  She stood on her tip toes.  “Now, does that answer your question?”
Her lips brushed against mine and I nodded, held her face in my hands, and pressed my lips to hers lightly........

Great right?

So for your chance to win an e-copy of Chael's Luck answer this question...
Swag Packs
If you were to be named after a God of any religion and/or myth which one would it be?

Leave a valid email address with your answer and at the end of the tour I'll draw a random winner, and remember every entry here also goes into another draw to win swag packs from the author.


  1. I think I would have to choose Athena. Not only is she wise, she's battle ready. Pretty awesome if you ask me. ;)

    lovely interview as well!


  2. I'd be Diana - goddess of the hunt, and of dogs. Perfect for me - though not hunting for fun!

  3. I'd be Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.


  4. Some really great Goddesses being chosen, thanks and best of luck in the giveaway ladies :)
    Hhmm, not too sure who I'd pick for myself though...........

  5. Well my name is Denise and according to the buzzz she was the goddess of wine LOL While I am not much of a drinker other than my coffee, I am already named after a goddess - so I will not push my luck :) Thank you for the fun today and for the lovely giveaway opportunity. I am curious about this book and always appreciate it when an author takes the time and effort to share with us luck readers.

  6. Love the interview! I can relate to the criticism breaking your heart, just got my first one last night and I floored by her comments.
    Have to remind ourselves that not everyone is going to love our work.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    MaryLynn Bast

  7. I would be Artemis because that is my name and I think she is the most interesting of Olympic Gods.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com



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