April 19, 2012

Book Review: Black Blood by Melissa Pearl

Title: Black Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy #2)
Author: Melissa Pearl
Publication Date: April 1st 2012 paperback, e-book December 14th 2011
Publisher: Melissa Pearl through CreateSpace
Source: Purchased for my own reading pleasure

Gemma's parents have put enough rules around her relationship with Harrison that she feels like she's living on parole. But she wins one battle—a summer job working for Harrison's step-father. It is the perfect chance to spend the steamy, hot Florida days with her boyfriend. It's also a great distraction from the cellphone hiding in her underwear drawer—her only contact with Gabe, the mystery man who's stalking her.

When she confronts Gabe, he tells her that her parents are not who she thinks they are, and Harrison has the gall to believe him. Surrounded by conflict, Gemma doesn't know what to believe, and it takes a trip back in time for her to glimpse the sickening truth.

Thanks to her parents, she returns to the present to find the love of her life no longer exists. His family line was broken and now, so is she.

This betrayal forces her to seek out Gabe. Setting aside her fear of the truth, she must trust this man and learn what he can teach her... otherwise, she'll never get her boyfriend back.

My Thoughts

I got to the bottom of page 229 and read the final three words...To Be Continued...
I threw my head back and screamed a silent NOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Its 12.20am, my husband is snoring beside me and my girls have been asleep for hours.
Me, well I've been unavailable for the last 5 hours. 
I've had my head firmly and completely stuck in Black Blood and loved every second of it.

Melissa Pearl has written a story that has utterly enraptured me.
I love her characters. There is just something about the way they speak to me that grabs me by the heart strings and pulls a coy smile from my lips.
Harrison and Gemma are without a doubt the most lovable and endearing teenage couple you can imagine.
Do teenage boys like Harrison truly exist, I sincerely hope they do and that my own daughters can capture the hearts of one for themselves someday!
But Black Blood is more than just a love story.
It is a story of mystery and intrigue, of love, loss and betrayal.
Oh my gosh, the betrayal!

The mysterious Gabe offers Gemma a glimpse into something too plausible to ignore, but is she ready to face the truth. Could the people she loves most in the world be the monsters Gabe says they are?

Gemma finds her life and all that she has known to be true unravelling around her and without her rock of support for guidance she flounders.
Can she be all that Gabe says she can and rescue Harrison from never existing at all?!

Black Blood kept me on the edge of my seat and up half the night.
It is a one sitting read kind of book!

Another 5 Star read from one of my new favourite authors ~<;]

I can not wait for Book 3, Pure Blood to release in paperback, I've just purchased it from Smashwords and plan on reading it tonight :)


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The Book Depository 

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