April 15, 2012

My First 'In My Mailbox'

I am not one of those reviewers/bloggers that gets copious amounts of print books and swag sent to them for reviews and giveaways, so today I’m excited to say "I received some print books in the mail this week"

Most of my review material is in e-book form and I now tend to buy most of my books electronically also, so I do tend to get a little gleeful when 'real' books arrive.

In My Mailbox This Week

I received a copy of Yes by Deborah Burnside to review from Booksellers NZ. It’s a finalist in the 2012 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards. This is another book that has been on my radar for quite some time so I was really pleased to be asked to review it.

I received from TBD, Forgiven by Jana Oliver that I have had on pre-order for what seems like forever.
The Demon Trappers series is one that I have to have in print on my keeper shelf. I really love these characters and their ever evolving story.

I purchased Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan as a second hand book; it has been on my need to get list for a while so when the opportunity came along to buy it at a really great price, I just couldn’t say no.

I've received some children's picture e-books to review with some help from my eager 5 year old, which should help ease some of the school holiday blues (here's hoping).

I have also received a few random e-books, (yes they just showed up) which due to my seemingly never ending to review list; may take quite a while to get to.

I do hate getting behind with my reviews and feel terribly guilty for doing so, but after talking with some other reviewers it would seem to be an extremely common occurrence.
It doesn't help that I am also cursed with YES disease and find it almost impossible to turn anyone down when they request a review from me!
So much so that my read for my own pleasure pile, barely gets touched these days.
Time management is not my forte!!

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