April 16, 2012

Book Review: Yes by Deborah Burnside

Title: Yes
Author: Deborah Burnside
Publication Date: November 4th 2011 
Publisher: Harper Collins New Zealand 
Source: Received from Booksellers NZ for purpose of an honest review

Flashcard: Determination. Make that, flashcard: Friendship - Foolishness - Fear. Because they can all look the same to Marty. M&M, as he's known to his friends, might have trouble reading people, organizing things or pleasing his father, but he knows that when his mate Luke - Legless - attempts to involve him in another crazy venture, it's futile to resist. This time it's the Young Enterprise Scheme. Luke believes it will make them rich and popular - and along the way will capture the heart of his elusive love. Marty wonders if it should be, flashcard: Madness. Reluctantly, Marty says YES. And what comes next is a whole lot bigger and weirder than he could ever have imagined.

My Thoughts

Yes is a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards and I was lucky enough to be chosen by Booksellers NZ to review it.

Yes has been really well written.
It is exceptionally fluid, reads very smoothly and sucks you in almost immediately.

The characters are fresh and real, and Marty is the quirkiest character I think I have ever read.
In part due to his autism but the kid has a strange and interesting way of looking at the world, making him a very funny guy indeed.

With his almost constant internal rambling and over active imagination Marty's brain wanders off on a near constant tangent and at times I felt like I was trying to tune a station in on my car stereo, he is so all over the place!.
But in a good way, because I knew where I was at all times, his mind set didn't distract from the story at all, it totally enhanced it.

The author, Deborah Burnside has expertly managed to pull what can only be described as a tough and compelling story into a coherent and heart warming tale of adversity, struggle, self discovery and success.

Yes did all the things that a great book should.
Yes made me giggle, and laugh.

Yes made me feel.
I cared greatly for all of the characters, a
nd at times Yes brought a tear to my eye. (Definitely the sign of a great read:))

Set against the backdrop of the early 2000's in small town New Zealand, Yes is a book you will love falling in love with. I know I have!

Yes is a surprisingly honest to goodness read.
4 Stars ;]

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  1. It's glad to finally hear someone who loved it as much as I did. I loved Marty and his story really struck a chord with me. I'd like to see Deborah take away the Young Adult prize. I've got my fingers crossed!

  2. I couldnt agree with you more Zac, Yes should definitely win :)
    Thanks for stopping by the blog,


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