August 1, 2012

What do you do ALL day?

What do you do all day?

That was the question recently posed by the mother of one of my daughters friends, as we chatted after a play date.
I had clean dishes on the sink, a few breakfast ones soaking, and a small basket of laundry on the floor waiting to be folded, but otherwise the house was unusually spik and span!
I was having a good day, or so I thought. But the look on this woman's face told a different story.

I'm a Mum to 3 girls, and wife to 1 husband and I don't work, well not for cold hard cash anyway!
My days consist of generally doing sweet Fuck least that's the look I was given by the above mentioned woman (and by my husband once or twice in a brief moment of misplaced bravery)

So, what do I really do ALL DAY?!

Here's a day in the life of this lazy housewife!!

2.15am: Get up to pee.
3.30-4am ish: Get woken up as DH tries to quietly get up and leave the house for work.
6am: Awakes full of energy and excitement for the start to a new day! NOT!! I groggily and slowly roll out of bed, go pee, and put the coffee on.
6.30am: Wake the 3 girls, start breakfast, organise lunches, puts on first load of washing.
7am: Hit the shower.
7.15am: While still wrapped in a towel, brush and style Miss 10's hair and remind her to brush her teeth.
7.20am: While only in my underwear, brush and style Miss 5's hair, remind her to brush her teeth and organise her backpack for school.
7.45am: Feed the dog and 2 cats, drag comb through hair and blow dry (time permitting)
7.55am: Call out to girls to get in car, quickly sign Miss 14's forgotten homework from last night, scramble around for a missing shoe, and rush out the door.
8.05am: Drop Miss 14 off at her bus stop.
8.15am: Walk Miss 10 and Miss 5 to their classrooms, greet teachers, check out latest artworks on wall.
8.35am: COFFEE!!! Check emails, facebook etc.
9.30am: Work on some Beta reading.
10.30am: Morning tea, hangs laundry.
11am: Beta reading, then email edits and suggestions to author.
12.30pm: Lunch, check on laundry.
1pm: Read a couple of chapters of the book I'm reviewing.
2.20pm: Time to pick up Miss 5 and Miss 10.
2.40pm: Afternoon tea.
3pm: Helps girls with homework, talk about things happening at school.
4pm: Miss 14 comes home and we discuss her day. Have another coffee, get laundry in, and maybe (if I'm lucky) sneak off for a quick read.
5-5.30pm ish: DH gets home, we discuss his day and start preparing dinner.
6.30pm: Dinner.
7-7.30pm ish: Do the dishes, referee an all out free-for-all between the girls as they fight over the remote, the computer, and the bathroom! Get the 2 youngest bathed and ready for bed.
8pm: Miss 5 heads to bed, I read her a story.
8.30pm: Miss 10 heads to bed. I start cleaning up the house, fold laundry, put another load of laundry on etc.
9.30pm: Miss 14 heads to her bedroom to facebook chat, txt, do whatever away from the prying eyes of her parents! Time for a cuppa as my DH heads to bed.
10pm: Briefly checks facebook, channel surfs.
10.30pm: Reads in bed as can't sleep, takes notes for next review, checks all the locks again.
12 midnight ish: Puts away book, jabs DH in the ribs for snoring and snuggles up for some well deserved sleep. Gets up to pee!

...and there you have it, a full on, completely relaxing, lazy day in the life of me! (life of luxury my arse!!)


  1. Was your daughters friend an only child? I think people who have only 1 or 2 children seem to under estimate the extra work it takes simply to do laundry for everyone.
    I have 4 daughters aged between 3 and 9 (and the husband) and the laundry is never ending.

  2. Thanks for dropping by the blog shona lawrence.
    This little girl is a 'late in life' child to a couple who's other children are all grown up!!
    I hear you about the never ending laundry...which reminds me, I have some stinky dance cloths to wash :(


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