March 3, 2013

Sunday Night Ramblings...

So it’s Sunday night.
I’m sitting at my laptop sucking on a homemade lemon- lime ice block while my girls, Miss’s six and eleven get ready for bed. My Miss Fourteen is squirreled away in her bedroom being her usual sullen self, and my darling husband has parked his arse in front of the 52 inch TV to watch a Star Trek movie. This is pretty usual for the end of a lazy weekend, and if I’m honest, most of our weekends are lazy ones.

I’ve slept in, done a spot of shopping, taxied the kids back and forth from friends houses, and done all the mundane things that still require daily attention like cooking and cleaning, laundry, dishes and the like.
My life is no more spectacular than yours. I am an ordinary woman going about her ordinary life.

Except this weekend, I fought off some scary ass Zombies, I had sex with not one, but two hot guys and I have been a doctor, a builder, and an awesome best friend!
That’s right, I’ve been drawn in to the world of books, and there is no better place to be!

I get to live vicariously through the amazing lives and stories as told by the many incredible and talented authors who have the guts, the patience, and the tenacity to put their ‘babies’ out there for the world to see.
I get to experience things I couldn’t possibly imagine doing ‘for real’.
I get to have relationships (and sex o_O) with hot guys, enjoying all the pleasure and none of the selfishness, guilt, and out-and-out wrongness of actually cheating on my husband.
I get to be any age, although younger is always good! And I get to fight, kill, fall in love with all manner of people, monster, angels, demons - the possibilities are endless…

LOL - I’ve just glanced over at the TV, drawn to the very loud and super sexy voice of Simon Pegg as ‘Scottie’, and caught a glimpse of Leonard Nimoy as the ever serious ‘Spock’, oh and Chris Pine fills out his uniform very well too, I must say!

So anyway, Miss six is fast asleep on the recliner and the DH is sprawled out on the sofa which means it’s again up to me to somehow wrangle a sleepy child down the hall to her room, tidy up, prepare lunches etc, and generally get everything ready for another day tomorrow… and hopefully, there’ll be a chance for me to enjoy some more adventures and maybe a tryst or two as well!!


  1. Great Post!
    Books are wonderful things! I firmly believe that it's my wild imagination and my love of books that have kept me from being driven insane by the tedium of stay-at-home-momness. :)

  2. Hi Maegan :)
    Oh, I totally agree, books are definitely the thing that keep me sane too!!


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