March 24, 2013

Sunday Night Ramblings...

It's been a funny week, and not the funny haha kind...

It started with my Dad having a back operation to remove pieces of broken and dislodged disc from his spinal cord. He's always had problems with his back but in the last year or so, he's progressively lost feeling in one leg due to the pressure these broken pieces of disc have been causing to nerves in his spine. Thankfully the specialists are hopeful that this will alleviate his pain and return some feeling to the leg.

My 36 year old brother-in-law started chemo this week for an inoperable brain tumour. To say that this is especially hard on his wife and four children is an understatement, but it absolutely breaks my heart to see how it has affected my mother and father-in-law in particular. My husband is being especially stoic but there have been moments that I've caught him unguarded... anyway, Cancer is an ass and I absolutely hate what it does to families.

My Miss 6 has continued to be bullied at school and after what I thought was a good meeting with the principal, turned into (long story short) a bit of a blame it on the victim/my Miss 6 is attention seeking scenario which has left me feeling more than a little sick, disgruntled and thoroughly pissed off. I'm going to continue to monitor the situation but I've lost some faith in the schools discipline policy that's for sure.

On a happier note, a book that I won on the Romance Bandits website arrived and I read it in bed on Saturday morning; and what a great story it was, I might get around to putting the review up in a week or two.

Later that morning we packed up the car, took a picnic lunch and set off for a day at the beach. After some initial car sickness (from me!) we had a wonderful day out. The kids had a blast playing in the rock pools, splashing in the shallows and running around like mad things - it was a really great day, although I did come home to a kitchen full of dirty dishes and mattresses all over the lounge room floor!
My Miss 15 who is too cool to spend a day out with the family, had a friend come over and they spent their day watching Supernatural episodes and cooking up copious amounts of food, hence the filthy kitchen!!

Anyway I promised myself that today (Sunday) would be all about catching up on laundry and writing reviews... yeah, nah, didn't happen!!
By lunch time I was still in my PJ's, lounging in my recliner eating chocolate and catching up on this weeks episodes of Cult, Beauty and the Beast, Spartacus and Grimm! So most of the laundry ended up going in the dryer while I took myself off for a wee nap when a migraine decided to pay me a visit - must of been all that chocolate!!

Anyway, now I'm here rambling on while the house is completely quiet - well, apart from the snoring of my DH!!
This week I really need to get my A into G!!
I've got to catch up on my reviews, I've got interview questions to email off to an exciting author who's paying a visit to the blog soon, I've got lots of interesting things to organise and schedule, I've got kids to ferry about, family commitments to keep up with, and I am really hoping that this coming week has a lot more going for it than this week did!!

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