October 4, 2011

Book Review: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson

Title: The Call From Within (Dearhart Clan #1)
Author: Eri Nelson
Release Date: July 2nd 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Received as a gift from the author

Owen the Pack’s clan leader, has been driven by what is expected of an alpha. Facts that were told through the decades all but look like fiction to him now. So he never dared to believe in fate and only let duty push him forth. Although now his resolve makes no sense and it took little to no time at all in showing him through the lust he feels for another.

Kristen Still bares the imprinted mark to our handsome alpha. However he wasn’t the first to notice what she was and it’s that bedding of prior passions that control her new weakness. Yes, Owen is pushed by jealousy to possess what his four footed insight tells him is his.

A former distraction wanted more than heated moments with Kristen. In her he saw a stronger life force for his young and if Brinston Drake must he would take what he needs from her. He just did not foresee another finding her as well.
Another by the name of Wash seeks to use their distractions as his gain. A rogue sent to track and update, Wash is tested by his hatred and desire for revenge. He’ll have it but not as quickly as he would like. But soon enough Owen will slip farther into his madness over a bitch in heat. Then Wash perhaps can use the heated vixen to distract both her and the alpha into their future demise. 

My Thoughts 

This book really doesn't waste any time, and I liked it that way!!

It is mysterious and raunchy, packed full of action, and the characters are interesting and full of life (and Owen is a total babe).

This is more than just your average werewolf story and I cant wait to see what lies ahead for Owen and Kristen and the rest of The Dearhart Clan.

I really enjoyed this fast paced, sexy little novella.  
I was left short of breath and wanting more. More, more, more!!

A sexy 4 Star read ;]

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