October 18, 2011

Double Book Review: Zoctornyia Parts 3 & 4 by Beth Wright

Title: Zoctornyia (Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 3)
Author: Beth Wright
Release Date: October 5th 2011
Publisher: Self published
Source: Purchased at Smashwords

There was another contraction and a lot of pressure. All hands are on my legs and arms healing me. Except Vultar's hands are still on my abdomen. More pressure, then Vultar's hands move down and he brings them back up with a baby in them. “Don't stop healing her.” More pressure comes. He hands the baby to his father. Within seconds he is holding another baby. 

My Thoughts
The wait to read Part 3 in this series damn near drove me mad. 
Whether it was my temperamental computer or Smashwords being uncooperative, it took me several days to finally be able to purchase the remaining parts to this surprising series.

I really enjoyed this, the third installment of Vultar's Heart, Body, and Soul Mate. 
The story is gripping and emotional and surprisingly tender.
I'm probably repeating all the things I said about Parts 1&2 but hey, its all true.

I really think you'll enjoy both the story and the writing style, its different but very enjoyable. 
Another 5 Star read ~<;]

Title: Zoctornyia (Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 4)
Author: Beth Wright
Release Date: October 8th 2011
Publisher: Self published
Source: Purchased at Smashwords

I hear Vultar laugh softly, then hear his voice in my head. There is a law that no one can touch a leader. What! Crap! I have been breaking that law a lot. Yes, you have. You bad woman, you. I think I will have to punish you later, he says in a playful, seductive way. I giggle then say in a playful tone, “Oh really, what do you have in mind?” They all laugh. 

My Thoughts 

Okay, so somewhere between Part 3 and Part 4, something changed.

I didn't enjoy this one quite so much as I had hoped. 

Although the entire romance between Vultar and Setiana is all a bit of a whirlwind with some very interesting and exciting twists and turns, I just felt that the ending cheapened their story somehow. 

I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I found the new Tellianar arrivals and Setiana's response to them a little slutty, cheap, I dont know, it just left me feeling a little bitter.

As a whole, this series is a riveting and addictive read, but for me, the ending was unsatisfying.
An almost 4 Star read. 

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