October 29, 2011

Guest Book Reviewer: Cloudberry Castle by Janey Louise Jones

Title: Cloudberry Castle - Ballet School Secrets
Author: Janey Louise Jones
Release Date: November 1st 2011
Publisher: Floris Books
Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley

Katie Mackenzie, who is crazy for ballet, and her family have opened the Cloudberry Castle School of Dance. Living at the school should be great-there are lots of girls with whom to make friends, a new ballet teacher has arrived from the Scottish Ballet, Katie can dance all day, and her mother is her ballet teacher. However, when posh girl Leo arrives with her chauffeur and trendy diet, she threatens to ruin everything. Leo might be spoiled rotten but she's a brilliant dancer-perhaps even better than Katie.
Will Leo out-dance Katie and get to play the lead role of Princess Aurora in the Christmas performance of The Sleeping Beauty? As the dance drama unfolds, Katie and her friends discover the statue of a little ballerina in the castle's grounds. Could it lead them to uncover more of Cloudberry Castle's hidden secrets?
This is the second story about Katie's ballet adventures at Cloudberry Castle, full of gorgeous girly charm. 

My Thoughts

So we've just had 2 weeks school holidays here in New Zealand and as any mother knows, it can sometimes be a mission to keep the kids entertained.

My nine year old daughter, who struggles at school, has shown an interest in books just recently and so I thought it might encourage her if she got to read and review a book before it hit the shelves.
And what do you know, she loved the idea!

The following thoughts are entirely her own with no editing (bar spelling) from me.

I really enjoyed Cloudberry Castle The Ballet School Secrets book. 
I liked the part when it was the big show. 
I didn't like when Tilda badly twisted her ankle, that hurt a lot.
All the people are interesting characters and its exciting.
I would really want to read more of these books.
5 Stars

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